we will be on Mars in 10 years according to Elon Musk

We are now used to the thunderous statements of Elon Musk and once again, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX did not disappoint us at the start of the year. He was the guest of Lex Fridman’s podcast which lasted more than two and a half hours and it included space exploration.

Asked how long it will take humans to get to Mars, the billionaire hesitated for a long time of twenty seconds before responding: ” In the worst case ten years. We must be a multiplanetary species “. In the past, he had already explained this concept of colonization of the red planet which could eventually shelter up to a million people, according to him.

Going to Mars will cost the lives of several people, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk took the opportunity to extol the merits of SpaceX’s Starship rocket. It should allow humans to be safely sent to Mars. Note that how our colleagues from Futurism, there is no question here of colonizing Mars but just of landing there.

For this, he mentioned in particular the reduction of costs and the reuse of parts which should allow the success of this mission. He specifies : “ In theory, Starship could cost a million or even $ 2 million per launch. And put over 100 tonnes into orbit, which is crazy. »

This eight-year period is in any case a very optimistic hypothesis which is not shared by all observers. The boss of SpaceX had himself mentioned 2026 as the year when man could go to Mars.

Elon Musk has also distinguished himself in the past with less positive statements about the exploration of this planet. Last April, he explained in particular with a disturbing smile: ” honestly a bunch of people will probably die at the start ”, although it will remain“ a glorious adventure and it will be an amazing experience ».


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