Players Can Take Control Of Which Characters In Final Fantasy 16

Players Can Take Control Of Which Characters In Final Fantasy 16:

The people in your party are one of the most important parts of each Final Fantasy game. These people are the most important part of the games. Some of those with the greatest popularity have been in many of the games.

Even though the series has changed in many ways, the lively group that will be with you on your trip hasn’t changed.

Still, because of all the changes within the latest game, individuals are wondering if Final Fantasy 16 has a way to take control of other party members. Even though it’s not the most important thing, there is a way to control some of the cast members when you’re fighting.

Want to be in charge of members of your party within Final Fantasy 16? Final Fantasy fans are excited about the new game.

With a focus on fight tactics that makes it the most action-packed game in the series so far, players want to know if they’ll have the ability to handle more than just the main character, Clive Rosfield.

Final Fantasy XVI puts you in the middle of a huge war, and you’ll have to travel all over the world of Valisthea while attempting to deal with the complicated political battles between the countries there.

Clive will be the main character that players will control, but in past Final Fantasy games, secondary characters constantly joined the main character.

We know that Final Fantasy XVI will feature more than one party member fighting alongside Clive because the development team showed us more gameplay. But will you have the ability to keep them in line? Here’s what you have to know about the Final Fantasy XVI characters you can play.

Can You Play Different Roles?

It has been revealed that the only character you can play is Clive, who is the main character.

As in the other games within the Final Fantasy series, Clive’s adventure will be joined by a number of characters who will help him but act on their own. You can’t control them directly like you’re able to in different role-playing games.

How To Take Control Of Other Part Members:

People would like to be able to control all of the characters in Valisthea because they are so fun, but you only have control over one. So far, the only character you can control within Final Fantasy 16 is Torgal.

You couldn’t play to be Cid as well as Jill, if that was what you wanted. Still, it’s not all bad because the players have a greater opportunity to focus on the fast-paced fighting rather than micromanaging other members. You can also control Torgal, but it’s not hard and won’t take you much time.

How To Keep Torgal In Check:

Since Torgal is the only party member you have control over within Final Fantasy 16, it’s not hard to tell him what to do. You can either use one of the tools to make the process easier or press Left onto the D-Pad to bring upward his skills.

To make Torgal do certain things, you need to hit the appropriate D-Pad button when they are on your screen. He can heal you, hit certain enemies, and do a small bit of harm.

We think it’s a great way to give us power over this loyal friend, since the majority of the time you’ll be facing tough enemies on your own.

So, that’s how you handle other people in your party within Final Fantasy 16. Even though it’s not a very deep feature, it’s nice to be able to tell everyone’s favorite dog what to do.

We can see that the creators of the series are attempting to take it in a new direction, which is great for both new and old lovers of the genre.

So far, the game is easy to play, and it’s great that you can mess things up with Clive as well as his Eikonic skills without having to control what other people do.

Remember that you can get this game for PS5 if you want to play it. In past Final Fantasy games, party members have been both in charge and not in charge.

In Final Fantasy XVI, players have even less power over the characters they use. Every character who helps the main character is directed by an AI that adapts and changes based on what the main character does.

These should stay useful throughout the game, and they should change based on how you play while fighting the enemy. In Final Fantasy XV, this is how it worked. But players could choose how their allies attacked and used their skills.

Based on how Final Fantasy XVI is played during the PlayStation State of Play video, it doesn’t look like that’s the case, and those things have nothing to do with how the player controls the game. Torgal, Clive’s loyal friend, seems to be the only one the player can control.

The Final Fantasy XVI team at Square Enix seems to be doing this so that players can focus upon the main character in a straight way. This makes it much easier to show off the strategy fights and dramatic fighting.


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