How To Get All The Resources In Duviri Warframe

How To Get All The Resources In Duviri Warframe:

It’s been less than three weeks since The Duviri Paradox came out. As more people join to try out the new update, there’s so much to discover about it.

From the new ways to fight to the fresh foes and even the big boss fight with the Orowyrm. It’s a lot to take within, yet as you begin to grind out the growth for the fresh Incarnon adaptor,

Or you could just make the Cinta or one of the many new close-range guns. You must have a lot of new things that are only available in Duviri. Here is how they look and where they are usually found:

The Duviri Paradox gives you a whole new world to explore within Warframe’s game mode, as well as a number of new materials you can collect and use.

But not every one of these tools are simple to find as well as understand. This guide tells you where to look for all the fresh assets in Warframe, how to obtain them, as well as what they can be used for.

You can find these resources in resource piles or containers, get them from Enigma tasks or The Circuit’s weekly prize path, or get them when you earn Decrees.

You can use them to buy things from Acrithis, make things connected to Duviri within the Foundry, or use Cavalero to add updates for Incarnon Genesis.

The Duviri Paradox Uses Every Tool It Has:

With The Duviri Paradox, Warframe got a new open world called Duviri. Below, you’ll find a list of every item you can get there. You’ll also learn what every resource was as well as where you can find it.

The majority of these assets are employed to make the new guns and gear that come with the expansion. If you’ve got the time, it’s worth getting them all.

Getting Kullvero’s Bane:

Kullvero’s Bane was a resource that players can only get by finishing the Duviri task Kullvero’s Hold and beating Kullvero at the end of their run.

The Fear, Sorrow, as well as Anger Spirals are where this mission will show up. The resource can only be obtained after the last boss has been killed, so players will have to do a full run before they are able to obtain it. At the conclusion of every run within Duviri, Kullvero’s Bane is used to get plans from Acrithis.

Getting Uyemag Barb:

Uyemag Barb can only be found on Kullervo’s Hold, the jail island that floats above Duviri. It’s a strange kind of cactus alongside a structure on the bottom that looks like a flower.

The purple flowers are most straightforward to find, but players will have to fly their Kaithes to Kullervo’s Hold if they want a chance to find them.

Pathos Clamp How to Get It:

The way that Thrax’s evil shows itself in the Orowyrms’ explosions. When you beat an Orowyrm, you get this rare treasure.

Pathos Clamps can be used to buy items from Acrithis, make things linked to Duviri in the Foundry, or have Cavalero add updates to Incarnon Genesis. Notably, you can only buy Acrithis’ weekly end-game offerings and daily Duviri Arcane offerings with Pathos Clamps.

How To Obtain Aggristone:

People say that Aggri Formations are solid Orowyrm spit. The people of Duviri think that Aggristones are powerful talismans. A popular item that can be found in rocky Aggri Formations or in Curax Dole boxes.

How To Obtain Kovnik:

When you play The Duviri Paradox within Warframe, you can find Kovnik in the bushy, green plants you find in Duviri. They glow yellow, yet not as much to be Sun Silph plants. They look a bit like bushes compared to flowers. Attack the plant in order to get the Kovnik that’s inside.

We’ve seen this plant throughout Duviri, but it appears to grow more in the middle of Northwind Village as well as Farbreeze Hamlet, which are both open grasslands.

Getting Saggen Pearl:

Thrax fighters clean their weapons with the thick fluids they get from Saggen Wells. This is a popular item in Saggen Wells. You can find it most often at Dax forts as well as camps or in Curax Dole boxes.

How To Get A Dracroot:

Dracroot is another thing that Duviri has a lot of. In Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox, you can find it in the green parts of the new region. To get it, you have to attack the tentacled vines that grow out of the ground.

At the exits to caves, the red tentacles with glowing tips can be seen. As with most of Duviri’s resources, it’s best to get it early so you don’t have to work for it later in your Warframe trip.

How To Obtain Enigma Gyrum:

A sign that shows that a Duviri Enigma has been solved. When you solve an Enigma puzzle, you get a valuable resource.

The difficult Enigma problem at the Archarbor is worth 5 Gyra, while all the others are only worth 1. Enigma Gyra can only be bought from Acrithis in order to get the Watchful Paragrimm.

How To Obtain Silphsela:

Tradition says that observing Silphsela float through the air means a big change is coming to the sky. A rare item that can be discovered within Sun Silph trees or in the sky above them.

Getting Tasoma Extract:

People from Duviri who have nightmares look for Tasoma because it’s stalks may be crushed to make a juice that makes people dream of good things. The only place Tasoma grows is in caves, which makes it hard to find. A rare material that can only be found on Tasoma plants in caves

Rune Marrow How To Get It:

Rune Marrow comes out of the center of Duviri. A rare item that can only be found in Runic Compacts in the Undercroft. Rune Marrow is employed to buy items from Acrithis, make things linked to Duviri in the Foundry, or use Cavalero to add updates for Incarnon Genesis.

How To Obtain Eevani Extract:

People from Duviri are known to make a paste out of Eevani leaves that makes new cuts feel better. A rare resource that can be found on Eevani plants, usually in the Amphitheatre as well as Archarbor.

Connla Sprout How To Get It:

The water that comes out of Connla Sprouts is sweet and cool. Connla Sprout trees are most often found near Lunaro Court as well as Northwind Village, and they have a rare resource.

How To Get Yao Shrub Extract:

You may obtain Yao Shrub by going down as much as you can in the southern part of Duviri’s map. This plant looks like a jellyfish, and it loves the snow and cold.

Yao Shrub is possibly the rarest item within Warframe¬†The Duviri Paradox. Many players upon the game’s subreddit say they are unable to locate it at all, and the only clue in the patch notes is to look for cold places in Duviri.

Getting Lamentus:

A faint sound of the dead A popular material dropped from Dax foes. Lamentus is used to buy items from Acrithis, make things linked to Duviri in the Foundry, or use Cavalero to add updates to Incarnon Genesis.

How To Find The Ariette Scale:

Each type of Duviri fish is unique, but they share beautiful colored scales. A common item that comes from feeding the Maw.

Getting Maw Fang:

It appears that someone got too excited about a tasty meal. Feeding the Maw gives you this rare resource.

How To Get Shiny Pebbles:

Collectors like to think about how strange it is that Nacreous Pebbles came to be. The Golden Maw ate everyday rocks and then spit them out, which gave them their beauty. A rare item that you get from Maw Feeding.


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