How Long Does It Take To Beat Final Fantasy 16’s Main Story And All The Side Quests

How Long Does It Take To Beat Final Fantasy 16’s Main Story And All The Side Quests?

Final Fantasy XVI was only available upon PlayStation 5, as well as it’s a new kind of action-RPG for the main series of this long-running series.

Final Fantasy games have a long history because they are story-driven and usually have a lot of extra material that you can choose to do or not.

FFXVI does the same thing, but this one is more focused on action games and has a somewhat straight structure, so it can be shorter based on how you play it.

Here’s how long it will require to finish FFXVI, no matter if you do the main story quests, some side quests, or any of the other extra stuff.

Every time an updated Final Fantasy game comes out, it’s a big deal, and Final Fantasy 16 is no exception.

JRPG fans are looking forward to spending hours and hours following Clive Rosfield’s experiences within the world of Valisthea. It will be much easier for them to handle their time if they know exactly what they are getting into.

Final Fantasy XVI wasn’t designed to be a short game. The main part of FFXVI’s story is the trip of its main character, Clive Rosfield. However, the game’s complicated and multilayered story often tells multiple stories at once, which makes the game longer.

The action role-playing game also has a lot of extra stuff for users to enjoy. So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the time it takes to finish the story in Final Fantasy XVI and how long it needs to finish everything the game provides.

Length Of The Main Plot:

Final Fantasy 16’s main story is interesting and exciting, and it takes players on a journey through a carefully made plot.

If players choose to stay upon the main path, do the main tasks, and spend their time getting into the story, it will take them about 30–35 hours to finish the main plot.

This length gives you enough time to enjoy the stories, fight in battles, and move forward in the main storyline. But if they want to move through the game quickly and skip cutscenes or conversation, the time they can spend playing will be cut down by a lot.

If you choose a more efficient method, you can finish the main story within less than 20 hours. This method is good for players who care most about game features and action and want to get to the end quickly while continuing to enjoy the story’s main parts.

100% Length To Finish:

Final Fantasy XVI isn’t the biggest game in the series so far. But there is still a lot to do, like finishing Chronolith Trials and looking for Notorious Marks. There are also a lot of side quests as well as extra things to do.

Final Fantasy XVI also has a “New Game +” mode with new weapons to collect as well as stuff that is only available in that form.

Even though Square Enix’s latest major Final Fantasy game can be played with a focus on the story, finishing everything the game has to offer may require a long time for those who like to do everything.

Final Fantasy XVI’s story along with all of its extra activities can take up to 100 hours to finish for the first time, based on what players focus on as well as whether they employ the Chocobo ride as their main way to get around.

To get the Platinum award, players will have to finish a New Game+ run upon Final Fantasy Mode, which makes the game harder and gives Clive new gear and weapons like the Ultima Weapon.

Collecting every piece of equipment in Final Fantasy Mode and completing the mode-exclusive optional content, like the harder Final Chronolith Trials, can add anywhere from 120 to 150 hours of playtime, depending on how many cutscenes the player chooses to skip.

A complete run usually takes between 50 and 80 hours, based on how careful and committed the player is to seeing everything.

This includes finding secret areas, fighting extra bosses, finding trinkets, finishing side quests, and completely improving characters and their gear.

I guess this would explain why I talked to every NPC for a long time to learn more about the world and chased sparkly blue items all over the world.

Final Fantasy Mode As Well As The New Game Plus:

After all that is done as well as the game is finished, there is still an insignificant issue of Final Fantasy 16’s New Game+ mode.

The makers paid extra attention to the difficulty of the newly opened Final Fantasy mode. They promise a bigger task, different placement of enemies, and a new way to play Arcade Mode compared to the Ultimania Mode variation.

This new run could take another forty to fifty hours to finish, which means that players will need close to 100 hours to finish the game and get all of the Final Fantasy 16 trophies. This job isn’t for everybody, but those who are proud of having done things like this will have to do it.


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