Do You Have To Play The Other Games In The Series Before You Can Play Final Fantasy 16?

Do You Have To Play The Other Games In The Series Before You Can Play Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy is always a captivating series because it has been going on for a long time. Final Fantasy 16 may seem a little scary for people who have never played it before, especially since it is the 16th game in the series.

But the stories and worlds in the famous Final Fantasy series follow a unique pattern that makes it simple for new players to get acquainted with any game in the series.

The same is true of the new game, too. Even so, some ideas, like the Eikons in Final Fantasy, may still be hard for younger fans to understand. This article tells people who have never played a Final Fantasy game before if they need to play other games before 16.

Final Fantasy was a series that has been going on for more than 30 years. It has a huge number of games in its library, including core games, spinoffs, mobile games, and even movies.

With each new game in the series, a lot of new people join, and Final Fantasy XVI is going to be no different. The game has become more action-oriented, with a fighting system that is more like Devil May Cry compared to the old turn-based style.

This, in turn, has brought a lot of interest to the game from people who might not have been interested before. However, there are now worries about the game’s consistency.

The rest of this guide has all the information you need, so if you were thinking if you had to play earlier Final Fantasy games before FF16, all you have to do is keep reading.

Do You Have To Play Other Games Before Final Fantasy XVI?

No, you don’t have to have played any of the other games within the series to appreciate Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is going to be like almost every other title in the series, with the exception of Final Fantasy X/X-2 as well as Final Fantasy 12. Its story as well as characters will stand on their own.

So, you aren’t required to engage in another Final Fantasy game as well as do anything else to get it. If you’re new to the series, you may begin alongside Final Fantasy XVI with no having to play a lot of older games first.

In Final Fantasy XVI, players take charge of Clive Rosfield, the primary protagonist. After a tragedy, Clive goes on a quest for justice thanks to Ifrit, a strange dark Eikon.

The game’s story will take part at three distinct points in Clive’s life: when he was a youngster, in his 20s, as well as in his 30s. As you play, you’ll find that each time period has a different story and a different way to play.

Final Fantasy XVI also has a fast-paced, high-octane battle system. Players can use different moves and skills to put together big, flashy attacks.

It also keeps the RPG depth that the series is renowned for, with lots of new arms, skills, as well as stuff to find as you explore the huge world of Valisthea, where the game takes place.

If that sounds like the sort of game you are looking for, you can jump right into this one to take in everything it has to offer, no matter how good you are or how much you know about action RPGs. Who can say? You might even want to try a few of the past titles.

What Are Some Other Final Fantasy Games Like 16?

Also, Final Fantasy games have kept getting better since they were first made. There are no longer any of the fighting methods from older games.

In fact, the show has become a lot more about motion and less about planning. Players who have played older games won’t know what to do because the rules and styles are always changing.

Even though certain protagonist tropes as well as roles might be simpler for older players to understand, fighting in Final Fantasy has never been too hard to understand in general.

Knowing how JRPGs work is just as helpful as knowing what happened in previous Final Fantasy games. In short, having played a Final Fantasy game before can help players get the hang of this one faster, but it’s not really required.

Which Final Fantasy Game Is The Best To Play After FF16?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the most enjoyable Final Fantasy game for PC after FF16. It has a comparable action-based fighting style and also has some turn-based parts.

This is also a great choice, since you can look forward to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as well as the unnamed third game in the series when they come out. Final Fantasy 15 is also a good choice if you want a more open-world take on the series, but you should also try the turn-based games.

The best game in the series, in our opinion, is Final Fantasy 6, but if you want a similar setting, Final Fantasy 4 as well as Final Fantasy 5 are your best bets.

Also, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices between 8 and 12, as well as the Final Fantasy 13 series was somewhat of a dark horse which we also like.


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