Intego Mac Malware – How to Maximize your Mac’s Security?

It’s one thing to buy a new Mac and it’s another thing to protect the information that you classify on the device. Installing and using a Mac isn’t rocket science but ensuring optimal security on the device can be a tough nut to crack.

If you are concerned about your computer’s security and privacy, you’d need to spend a little more time browsing along with the individual settings until you know it’s right. There are several ways you can lose your data on Mac and the most common reason is due to a malware attack.

The Intego Mac Malware bundle enables the users to use their Mac comfortably and without any additional worry about the fate of their device in the process.

What is the Intego Mac Malware?

Specifically developed for Macs, the Intego Mac Malware bundle is a complete anti-virus solution for your Mac. It is compatible with every Mac OS and OS X. 

With the limited time offer, the entire bundle, which is generally priced at $84.99, is available just for $29.99 for all the standard features that you’d otherwise get.

Some of the highlighted specifications of this anti-virus software from Intego include:

  • Virus Barrier X9 – shields Mac devices against malware and virus attacks from unwarranted sources online.
  • Net Barrier X9 – involves firewall and network protection for Mac users. Shields the device against unauthorized access.
  • Mac Washing Machine X9 – cleans and optimizes the Mac’s RAM configuration and management for optimal performance.
  • Content Barrier X9 – ideal parental control for Mac users, especially with kids who know how to access the device and the internet.
  • Personal Backup 10.9 – enables automatic backup of all the available files on the Mac.
  • As tested by a range of independent testers, the Intego Mac Malware is versatile software that can solve all your privacy and security-related concerns.

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How can You Ensure optimal Security on the Mac?

How can You Ensure optimal Security on the Mac?

Besides installing anti-malware software into your Mac, there are a few additional tweaks to the security settings on your Mac that you need to be wary about.

Avoid automatic login

It is one thing being lazy and it is another thing not being mindful. When you have a Mac, the last thing you want to do is enable the automatic login setting. This might come in handy if you stay stuck to your device 24×7 but it comes with a lot of complications too.

Having this setting turned on means that your Mac isn’t password-protected, which makes it easier for anyone to hack into your system without any resistance?

Use password managers

In case your Mac is hacked or there are compromises to your device’s privacy, the biggest threat lies with the individual passwords that you have saved into your Mac. It could be bank details or even your passwords to some of your digital payment options and retail websites.

The best way to conceal the passwords is by using a password manager that keeps your entire password organized and concealed. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone getting hold of your personal information.

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Install a two-way firewall

Another security aid for your Mac that’s worth noticing is installing a two-way firewall. Not just for outbound but these also protect the inbound users. Besides targeted and DDoS attacks, these firewalls can offer optimal network security as well.

The Intego NetBarrier is software that you do get with the bundle and one that ensures optimal protection of your Mac without any complications and worries in the process. 

Don’t fall prey to bad software

When you are using your Mac, you might come across certain software and applications that ask you to reduce the security of your Mac. This is the biggest red flag that you have to acknowledge and immediately step away from.

Unless it is a verified app for certain functions, we’d recommend that you steer clear off of these apps for the integrity of your device.

Keep the location private

Online hackers are often very demographic-specific. So, the last thing you want to do is blast your location on your Mac. Instead, keep your location private at all times. Even if you do switch it on for some app, immediately disable it once you are done using it. Only enable your locations for certain apps that require the functionality to work.

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With Intego’s Premium Mac Malware bundle, you get to use your Mac comfortably without needing to worry about the device’s safety, privacy and security. Compared to individual software solutions that are extremely pricey and sometimes not worth the investment, you get the maximum use out of Intego’s Bundle.

The offer price for the entire bundle is for a limited period’s time, so we’d recommend that you hurry along before the offer is taken out by the brand.


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