Thanks to the Culture pass, manga sales explode in France

According to The world, thanks to the Culture pass, manga sales are exploding in France. The device, which offers 18-year-olds 300 euros for 24 months so that they can enjoy culture and digital technology (books, concerts, theaters, museums, music lessons, digital subscriptions, etc.), is massively used to purchase Japanese comics.

Manga pass culture France

Manga sales are exploding in France, thanks to the establishment of the pass Culture, reveals The world. Japanese comics are a hit and now represent up to two thirds of reservations. « Here are piles of manga that we install under the shelves to have supplies on hand. In Fnac as in independent booksellers, manga shelves have been robbed, with holes never seen before »Indicates the daily.

The Culture pass turns into a Mangas pass

The pass Culture is a public service mission carried by the Ministry of Culture. This system allows young people to have access from 18 years old to an application on which they have 300 euros, for 24 months. The goal being that they can discover and book according to their desires various local cultural proposals and digital offers (books, concerts, theaters, museums, music lessons, digital subscriptions, etc.).

Against all odds, the Culture pass is widely used by young people so that they can afford their favorite manga. « The majority buy large series that they could not afford, or if they cannot afford everything, they buy something to advance in the narration of the longest series, but also novelties that they would have hesitated to consider. buy and they test thanks to the device »Indicated the Vignettes bookstore to BFMTV.

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On the other hand, booksellers are delighted to see such an influx in their stores. « Don’t be sorry that they read manga »Indicates a bookseller of La Planète Dessin at World. « You have to remember that before, at that age, they stopped reading He adds. “ They do not buy literature, but, alongside twelve manga volumes, also order half-business, half-personal development books. “Relativizes the daily.

In addition, these are the manga Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece and Demon Slayer which are at the top of sales.



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