Battlefield 2042 gameplay can be found in the wild

When testers can’t read …

So, there … we did not expect it at all: Battlefield 2042 Tech Alpha gameplay which is taking place right now leaked. Indeed, even if the players selected for the test have signed a confidentiality clause (NDA) prohibiting them even from declaring that they are participating, videos of extracts are lying around the net, to the chagrin of Electronic Arts which is doing its best to remove them.

Yet it’s not for lack of screwing up des watermarks who perfectly identify the authors of the videos, and they can – in theory – risk big: from the simple ban of EA services to lawsuits.

Some videos are still available on YouTube, while others subsist on leakers’ favorite platforms, such as Streamable. Links are also shared on the usual platforms, like reddit.

The recordings we have seen are not really not very good quality, the fault of a field of vision which would be extremely wide, necessary for test needs. We are clearly facing a pure and hard technical test aimed at helping DICE in the final months of the development of Battlefield 2042, absolutely not representing the quality of the final product.

In addition, the client that the testers would have downloaded would only weigh 17 GB, which probably indicates that all game assets are not present, in order to make the installation as smooth as possible (and avoid more data mining leaks).

However, one can discover there some interesting mechanics, already detailed during the reveal of the gameplay of Battlefield 2042, as the change of accessories on the fly or Specialists’ gadgets such as a grapple.

For those who still wanted to discover the game via his technical alpha, it must not be forgotten than an open beta will indeed take place in September, with a few days off for pre-orders.


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