A “bright green” UFO spotted in the sky by two different planes

On July 30, two different planes spotted a UFO hovering in the Canadian sky. After passing through a cloud, the unknown green object suddenly disappeared.

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UFOs continue to thrill crowds. These unidentified flying objects abound in the sky. Usually, these are simply illusions, weather phenomena or airplanes. But some UFOs remain unexplained to this day. This feeds many fantasies about the supposed presence of extraterrestrial phenomena. Most recently, on the night of July 30, two different planes spotted a new UFO as they hovered over the Gulf of St. Lawrence in eastern Canada.

A Canadian military aircraft and a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Airbus reported seeing “A bright green flying object” as indicated in an aviation incident report published on August 11. The colored object passed through a cloud before disappearing. However, the report does not give more details.

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A meteor at the origin of the UFO?

« In this particular incident, there is nothing to indicate that what the crew observed posed any risk to the safety of the aircraft ”, said a spokesperson for the Canadian army. Aviation researcher Steffan Watkins, for his part, analyzed the transponders of the machines. And to note that the military plane had jumped to 300 meters during the discovery of the UFO, possibly to bypass it or to observe it more clearly.

The specialist adds that the phenomenon could be linked to the meteor shower from the Perseids, the peak of which occurred from August 10 to 15. Moreover, the report cataloged the incident in a fairly broad category including the following occurrences: weather balloon, rocket, meteor, UFO. In any case, Transport Canada indicates that its reports include “Preliminary unconfirmed data, which may be subject to change”. The follow-up to the investigation into this appearance which remains for the moment unclear.

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