Xbox Releases New Video Featuring Dave Bautista in Gears 5

Microsoft did release a new trailer in which all the viewers can be able to see Dave Bautista who you know as Marcus Fenix in Gears 5. 

Well, you know that there have been some updates about the actor Dave Bautista appearing in the new update of the game, Gears 5. There is no need to think if Dave is going to replace the current actor who dubs Marcus Fenix in the game.

Because he is not going to take away the ongoing voice of the character who John DiMaggio keeps doing very well. But it will be possible for the players to witness the voice and likeness of Dave in the game as a part of some new options.

It is sure that all of you may have noticed some footage from the game update in the trailer. The official Twitter account of the game did post the trailer in a Tweet. 

It is sure that you know Dave Bautista did play the role of Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie. But you must know that the talented actor is also a part of the multiplayer component of the Gears 5 game.

Dave Bautista is now going to appear in the single-player campaign of the game. One thing is sure that all the players and fans can directly predict the excitement of the Guardians of the Galaxy actor as you can see in the new trailer of the Gears 5 game.

You can have a look at the classic look of Marcus Fenix and the resemblance that can be seen on the face of the actor. 

Most of the fans are happy as well as excited to watch the new trailers along with knowing that the game update will be available totally free. The next-gen upgrade of Gears 5 will bring in a lot of excitement and fun as soon as you will play it on Xbox Series X or S. 


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