Target Reveals Free Bonuses For Nintendo Switch Games

It is surely an exciting piece of news for all the Nintendo Switch fans and owners that Target did announce recently a pair of promotional items. You must know that it will be beneficial for all those people who are very specifically choosing their Nintendo Switch games from the retailers.

The promotional items will be available for a number of games that most of the fans and players will purchase. Among them, the first of the promotional items will be available for the game which also happens to be Nintendo’s biggest game of the year. Yes, we are talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

According to a new Tweet from Target, all the customers who are all set to purchase the game in stores from 1st November will be eligible to receive a free “Premium Journal”. It will be possible for you to get a Premium Journal that also includes a 2021 calendar if you will purchase games from the beginning of the next month.

You will be happy to know that the journal will be featuring an adorable and beautiful image of Tom Nook who happens to be wearing the fall sweater. You may remember Tom wearing the same fall sweater in the game and he is wearing the same sweater in the image. 

Along with the Premium Journal that comes with Animal Crossing: New Horizon game, the Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get a freebie related to Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

It will be possible for the buyers who are at a participating Target location to get or receive a Tech Badge that is featuring red, yellow, and blue Pikmin characters. 

One thing is sure that if you are going to purchase the Nintendo Switch games, especially Animal Crossing: New Horizon then you will get the Premium Journal that will feature a 20201 calendar. 


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