With The Help Of The CloudLink Range, Huawei Updates Its Video Conferencing Endpoints

It has been reported that Huawei has introduced new line of telepresence products especially for the enterprise market. This reveal was done at the Eco-Connect event in Europe. The products that were launched were the CloudLink Board, CloudLink Box and the CloudLink Bar.

Huawei has announced that these new range of various types of collaboration for endpoints support, combined with artificial intelligence and also also support for Ultra HD resolution as well. The CloudLink Board is the main standard offer provided by Huawei. This device helps in the integration of video-conferencing, along with collaboration that is interactive as well. There will be remote sharing functions too.

There will be various other features like voice control, intelligent tracking and also features such as facial recognition technology too. This CloudLink Box will also add Ultra HD or 4K video conferencing support. It will support dual 4K/P30 super audio too, along with video processing capabilities. The box will also have a number of video and audio ports. This box can also be able to work with CloudLink Touch devices too. This will be used for conference management.

The technology is based on the state-of-the-art H.265 technology for the best clear video conferencing. This will help to provide you the best facilities, and still use low bandwidth. You can easily choose the model that will provide you with the best video resolution and also interfaces to better suit the large and medium sized rooms for conference.

This will help in providing nifty solutions for administrative offices and also for distance learning education for interactive scenarios. With the intelligent voice controls, you can easily initiate or join a conference. You can share any kind of materials and also screens. The tracking is very intelligently done, which uses facial recognition technology in order to display the person’s virtual nameplate. There is also a built-in touchscreen and also better collaboration facilities.

This type of video conferencing system will not only help you save and reduce the overall travel time and costs, but will also be better for optimized attendance too.

The communication channels will be very much improved, and the productivity will be increased multiple folds. If you’re using this technology in your workplace, or office, then it will also help you in employee retention too. There will be increase in the overall productivity and will thus help you to be ahead of your competitors.

The CloudLink Bar can also be said as a great place for integrated video conferencing endpoint, that also features intelligent navigation. The box can track the speakers with the help of sound localization, and also face detection technology.

The device will also be able to take close up shots or pictures of the speakers. The overall versatility of the box is amazing, and also all the services it offers as a whole. The pricing hasn’t still yet released though, and therefore if you want to get a hold of these products, you have to get in touch with the guys at Huawei with all your necessary requirements and therefore submit your request for quotation. You can also get in touch with the guys at Polycom Dubai, if you want such video conferencing services.


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