How Often Should I Get My Business Computers Cleaned?

Business Computers Cleaned

The short answer is that you should clean your computer, laptop, mouse, keyboard and monitor screen in regular intervals. It’s important to stay healthy and ward off bacteria, germs and viruses on commonly-touched surfaces. 

Here’s a schedule you can follow when you need to do some cleaning or hire a computer cleaning company to do it for you. 

 Daily – Surface Cleaning 

Surface cleaning must be done on the keyboard, mouse, monitor display and workspace. The whole monitor screen cleaning and keyboard cleaning routine may be completed in as little as 5 minutes, and all you’ll need is a clean cloth and a general disinfectant solution.  

Weekly – Deep Cleaning  

At the end of the week you’ll need to put a bit more effort in cleaning your laptop or desktop PC. Do the same thing as the Daily Task, but this time add an anti-bacterial solution to the mouse and keyboard to eliminate the bacteria that have resided on the surface. Plus, take a few computer cleaning wipes and a micro fiber cloth to clean your monitor screen. 

Monthly – Surface & Deep Cleaning Treatment 

At the end of the month you’ll want to open up your PC and pay attention to the innards. The procedure should take out dirt and miniscule debris out of your computer, which includes the mouse, monitor display, keyboard and casing. Then, add a few drops of anti-bacterial solution to common contact surfaces to get rid of the residing bacteria, virus and germs during monitor, keyboard, or laptop cleaning. 

Every Six Months Schedule 

Once every half year, follow everything in the Monthly Task or hire the services of a computer cleaning London professional so you won’t have to allocate extra time to give your PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor a refresh. Hiring a computer and laptop cleaning specialist can save you a significant amount of time and money. 

Business owners should consider hiring a telephone cleaning and computer cleaning company at affordable prices to protect their staff, employee and customers from catching and passing on viruses and illnesses in the workplace. You can rely on trained and skilled, trustworthy staff who have completed computer cleaning training courses to perform a thorough and efficient clean. 


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