What Are The Benefits of Achieving a Project Management Certification?

For those in the business of project management, getting a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be a tremendous asset to your personal brand. Whether you want to make more money in the company where you work or you want to become an independent project management consultant, having a PMP certification will should credibility, diligence, and responsibility.

Here are some benefits of achieving a project management certification:

1. More Profits

Education is one of the most decisive factors in your billing rate and salary. Higher revenue companies are willing to pay more when you have a PMP certification. If you ever wanted to achieve a 6-figure salary, a Project Management Professional certification will get you there.

2. More Recognition

A certification of the Project Management Institute (PMI) recognizes and meets international standards (ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation). Therefore, international clients will favor someone who has a PMP certification over someone who doesn’t, because you will have knowledge that extends beyond local standards.

3. More Opportunities and Clients

With the increasing need for project managers growing at a rapid pace, project management is still an industry where you have plenty of opportunities to construct your own services. In 2016, the Project Management Institute had over 2.9 million international members, because these people understand the value of having a highly acclaimed certification.

4. More Skills

You should know that you are going to be tested when studying for a PMP certification. This might sound obvious, but you will have to undergo a rigorous program that requires serious commitment. The certification requires a heavy amount of coursework and previous experience to access, and you will getting thoroughly trained in the five project management processes: planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Through this course, you gain new skills that help for better future execution of projects.

5. More Marketability

Gaining a PMP certification means, as mentioned earlier, international recognition. Not only that, but you can now market yourself as someone who can tackle large scale projects throughout the world. You will also gain access to a network of individuals and potential employers through forums, discussion boards, conventions and more. In short, you can market yourself on a number of platforms across the world.

Achieving a Project Management Professional certification is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a project manager. Not only do you earn more money, you bolster your skills, increase your marketability, and gain access to millions of international clients. If you are serious about project management, you need this professional certificate.


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