Why the Newest BlackBerry Phone Is a Great Mobile for Gaming

Why the Newest BlackBerry Phone Is a Great Mobile for Gaming

Blackberry is back in action with the release of their brand-new device that is ideal for mobile gaming

When smartphones became all the rage in the early 2000s, BlackBerry was at the top of the market, supplying their devices all over the world to customers eager to get their hands on one of these shiny new tech toys. Nowadays, to hear that name is something of a blast from the past, as other leading brands like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi are currently among the industry’s most important movers and shakers. However, BlackBerry has recently made a major comeback with the release of their newest mobile, the BlackBerry Classic 5G. And it just so happens that, due to the phone’s stellar specs, the latest flagship of BlackBerry devices, which will run on an Android 10 operating system, will serve mobile gamers well across the board. In this article we explore some of the features that make this a reality.

All-Day Battery Life

Any gamer will tell you that for a mobile to be considered an efficient gaming mobile it must have a great battery life, ideally one that can withstand long playing sessions without dying. Because the new BlackBerry boasts a 6900mAh, it is able to do just that and much more. Tired of gaming and need a quick break? Download a full-length movie, browse apparel on an Ecommerce site, or even stream gameplay on Twitch-it will be quite some time until one of these activities drains this mobile powerhouse’s juice. In fact, this battery can last up to an entire day when fully charged. Talk about convenience!

Next-Generation 5G Speeds

One of the biggest reasons behind the hype that is surrounding the new BlackBerry is the fact that it’s fully outfitted to support next generation 5G capabilities. What does this mean for modern gamers? Well, mobile games are only as good as the quality of the network that allows them to run. 5G, which produces speeds up to 10x faster than its predecessor 4G, is equipped to handle quicker downloads and serve up gameplay experiences without unwanted interruptions or delays in every genre. So, whether a user chooses to engage in a remote RPG adventure or would rather play Blackjack online in a range of different versions that includes both Live dealers and VIP options, this mobile is ready to deliver a no-lag, speedy session regardless of geographical location. This is the huge and influential benefit of 5G. As the technology continues to develop, it is expected to be implemented in more and more smartphones around the world.

5G networks combined with a ultra-strong battery give this device the power to withstand the most intense of gaming sessions

A Physical Keyboard

Physical keyboards are somewhat of a lost spec on the flashy wide-screen mobile phones of today. You’ll be hard pressed to find a modern, high-tech device that contains one, but, with their new release, BlackBerry has just flipped that notion on its head. Because many gaming titles now come with in-game social features like chat boxes, a keyboard can be wonderfully convenient as it ensures the same typing accuracy gamers are used to having on a PC. Additionally, real buttons can come in handy with those games that require constant tapping like first-person shooter titles. Rather than it being a sliding keyboard, the mobile is designed horizontally with the keyboard directly below the screen. This fixed keyboard model is great for gaming because they are more tactile and durable, whereas the other models have a higher chance of experiencing wear and tear from sliding up and down constantly.

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