Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be getting Android 7.1.1 Update soon..

Samsung has become a strong brand day by day with its new launched smartphones and with its millions of satisfied users. As we all know Samsung has the first who launch the curved edge smartphone and the most popular device which is having the curved edge is the Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus. This smartphone is also one of the flagship models at its time and this has a completely premium look which can attract anyone to itself. This smartphone is really very attractive, people got attract to this just like the attraction of latest galaxy S8.

And today I have really good news for the S6 edge + users. So all the S6 edge + users your smartphone is going to have the latest software update notification. Yes, this is true Samsung has announced that this smartphone will be having an update of Android Nougat 7.1.1 very soon. And the soon word really meant it that this update will be there on your smartphone within a week.

This update will definitely a powerful update for s6 edge + as this smartphone is having almost all the exciting feature and now there is only one thing which is missing in the s6 edge + is the latest android version and Samsung has fulfill this need also. So there will be an update in every Samsung s6 edge + device within a week. This update will be really great update over the android marshmallow and also the minor bugs will also be fixed by this update. So the s6 edge + users will now no need to worry about the bugs in their smartphone as this update will fix them all and also will enhance the protection of the smartphone.

So these are all the updates regarding the Android 7.1.1 in the Samsung galaxy s6 edge +.


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