All the humors about the upcoming smartphone HTC 11


As we all know about the smartphone brand HTC that is also called as a premium brand for smartphones. The last smartphone that is HTC 10 and now HTC is ready with its new upcoming smartphone that will be the HTC 11 and HTC which will also be known by the name HTC U.

This smartphone will be launch in the month of May, maybe on 15 or 16 May as per the humor but it may take some time to hit the stores may be in the late of May.

Some of the features of this smartphones according to the humor are:

First of all, this smartphone will come with a complete glass-covered design on both the sides of the smartphone which will give a glossy look to the smartphone. Also, this smartphone will be water resistant as well as dust resistant. This phone will be a flagship smartphone of HTC and this will also come with a fingerprint scanner in the home button. This handset comes with a 5.5-inch QHD display which may be a curved one. And also this handset will power pack with the snapdragon 835 chipsets from QUALCOMM with 8GB of RAMĀ  and may be with the internal storage of 128 or 256GB.

When we talk about the camera so this will handset will come with a 16MP selfie camera which is specially designed for better selfies and a 12MP rear camera shooter which is also made for professional pictures. There will be an HDR mode also in the camera. And this device is powered by a 3700mAh battery which is the biggest battery than any other HTC device.

Also, there is few more humor that this device may have the 3D touch support. But this is a humor only as right now there is no update for the 3D touch fromHTC. And this smartphone will also have a good sound quality also.

So these are some of the major humor about the HTC 11 that is HTC U.


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