Which New Jersey Casino Providers Have the Most Jackpots Won

Which New Jersey Casino Providers Have the Most Jackpots Won

New Jersey casinos are booming in popularity, especially since several players have scored big jackpots. These winnings went public and those jackpots were triggered on various games, such as slot games, table games, and even lottery games. 

Another interesting detail is that the NJ slot jackpots were obtained with a minimum deposit, which is pretty amazing. On the other hand, NJ online slot jackpots are extremely rare but incredibly rewarding, and a life-changing experience. Many gamblers try out their luck at New Jersey online casinos given how the outcomes can be so appealing. Moreover, casinos have an amazing game selection, so the whole experience never gets too repetitive, especially if they are playing high volatility content, which is truly exciting.  Players can pick the one that suits them and have fun regardless of whether they win or lose.

Here we will go over some of these iconic moments when players struck gold, and see which operator paid out the most NJ casino jackpots.

The Biggest Casino Jackpot Won in New Jersey

It is recorded that in April 2006 a woman named Josephine Crawford, who was 84 years old at the time, managed to win a 10 million dollar jackpot in Atlantic City. She was a retired waitress and played slots at Harrah’s casino hotel. This is where she claimed this outstanding prize. As a regular player, she only won around $1000 up to that point, but fortune decided to smile upon her big time in 2006. Current lottery jackpots NJ go up to a hundred million nowadays, but they accumulated over time. Also bear in mind that this was a casino, not a state lottery. Back in 2006, this was a massive deal and you can only imagine how exhilarating Josephine must have felt. 

Massive Wins With Online Slots

A relatively recent high-slots jackpot belongs to a woman called Dori B. She scored a 3.5 million dollar jackpot by playing the Grand Millions slot using the Borgata casino app. Funny enough her bet was only 10 dollars, and no one could have guessed that these were the best $10 ever spent. Dori B said that she will spend her money with her family on vacations and many other entertaining activities. It’s also pretty rare for people to reveal their identity when they score this big. 

Millions Won From 2 Dollars Bets

A stunning win of 3.2 million dollars was claimed by the woman Sherri W who played the Luck O’ the jackpot online slot game in August 2020. The most amazing thing about this prize is that she placed a single bet of 2 dollars on the BetMGM website and set a record for a jackpot win. This is a good story to have in mind whenever you are placing a minimum bet on your favorite game. 

Great Wins at Resorts in Atlantic City

The wheel of fortune slot machine brought the jackpot to Donna of Hazlet, the win of 1.64 million dollars. She won one of the largest wins at the Resorts Casino Hotel. It only goes to show that someone has to claim these massive jackpots from time to time. 

Hard Rock Casino Winnings

In Atlantic City in October 2020, a massive jackpot was claimed by a man called James. With the 5 dollars bet at the ultimate Texas hold’em game, James managed to score the royal flush mega jackpot. Later he claimed that the experience he had was different from his usual work as a construction worker. 

Monmouth County Player Hits the Jackpot at Atlantic City

The sensational 1.1 million dollars reward belongs to Frank Nagy from Monmouth County, which happened in February 2021. The only 5 dollars bet on a progressive poker game brought the man this spectacular prize. The most amazing thing about that is that the man offered the dealers a tip of 50,000 dollars.

Other Jackpot Winnings

There are instances of several amazing rewards that were less than 1 million dollars. Sometimes Current NJ lottery jackpots go way more than 1 million dollars, but in most cases, only smaller prizes find their home. It’s difficult to verify whether there are any Unclaimed NJ lottery jackpots, but these things do happen. The current record for the unclaimed jackpot is 10 million in Maryland. Here is the list of 1 million dollars rewards, and less:

  1. 1 million won at Borgata. In December 2018 an 85-year-old man struck a prize for just betting with 5 dollars at the Borgata casino. It is the first time Borgata paid out a win this big since 2013. The guy was playing the Three Card Poker game and scored on the bonus round. 
  2. A woman from Mantua scored the win of 288,000 dollars while playing online slot games in September of 2021. With the 2 dollars bet on the Divine Fortune slot at a Sugarhouse casino site, she successfully improved her finances. 
  3. In March 2018, Anibal Lopes won 193,000 dollars by playing the Divine Fortune jackpot slot game. He managed to claim a progressive jackpot win when no one else was able to do so since September of 2017.


There are many examples of hitting the big NJ jackpots. You might assume that Borgata casino holds the records, but there are other establishments that payout big winnings as well.  Of course, don’t get carried away by all of this. Sure there are lots of big winners out there, but remember that people lose more frequently. Therefore, avoid reckless spending and definitely don’t wager money you cannot afford to lose. The only thing you should follow from these examples is to place minimum bets. 


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