To Buy or Build: Which is the Better Option When Getting a New Computer?

There are two main ways of getting a computer: you can build one or buy a pre-built one. Either option could be great for you depending on what you are looking for. Buy, which is better? We are going to be comparing both options so you can see which one would be right for you.

Part Availability

If you would like to build a computer, the one thing you have to contend with is part availability and shortages. At this time, it is difficult to find a decent graphics card at a good price and close to the recommended price. This is because some people bought large quantities when these cards were released and are selling them at very high prices. This, compounded by the chip shortage, makes it almost impossible to find a graphics card at the right price.

To get a computer with a decent graphics card, the best option right now is to buy a pre-build. Graphics card manufacturers are working with computer makers to ensure they have enough graphics cards for their customers. You can check out computers from companies like Lenovo that have gaming processors and decent graphics cards at a decent price.

Part Damage

Although things have got a lot better in recent years, it is still possible to destroy various parts like the motherboard or RAM by shorting or through static electricity. Because the parts that can be destroyed by either are usually the more expensive ones, it is better to not build a computer if you do not know how. You can check online how to ground yourself for a safer experience, but without this knowledge and skills, it would be better to let a manufacturer handle things for you.

Part Selection

The best thing about building a computer is that you get to build the type of computer you want. A streaming computer is different from a gaming one, and both are different from a productivity or video editing machine. There are obviously some overlaps, but the computer’s purpose will determine what you prioritize when building one.

Gamers, streamers, and video editors will focus on a decent GPU and a CPU with a lot of threads while those who want a productivity machine might opt for more RAM and faster storage. You can choose the best parts for your purpose depending on your budget. With a pre-built computer, you only get the options a retailer has, and the available options might not match what you are looking for exactly.

Price and Quality

Buying individual parts is usually more expensive than buying a finished computer. On the other hand, the components you use for a computer you build will often be of better quality than you would get with a pre-built one. The most common parts that suffer from this are the RAM, power supply, and storage option.

As you can see, the options of both buying a built computer and building one yourself have some pros and cons. If you want something that just works, a pre-built will be the better option. However, if you are building a machine with a specific use in mind and want to take control over what parts go into it, the better option is building one.


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