Top 5 Best Apps for Managing Documents on Phones

There are times when you feel the need to view or edit a particular document on your phone. The existence of different file formats used for digital documents causes you to use various apps and programs to view the contents. This is where the need for a good document managing app comes into the scene.

Luckily, there exist many efficient document managing apps that are available for free. Once you download and install these apps on your phone, you can view and edit documents on the go.

We have picked five of the best documents managing apps for you to use. Here you go with the brief rundown:

1. Document Reader – PDF, Office Docx, PPT FileViewer

This is possibly the best document viewer app you will find in Play Store. It is a feature-rich app that provides the easiest solution for reading or viewing office documents. It is an all-in-one document reader app that allows you to view different types of documents including Excel Sheets, Word Documents, PDF files, PowerPoint Presentations, and much more. This app is highly efficient and operates smoothly on mobile devices. It features a neat interface, which makes it more user-friendly convenient to use.

2. Microsoft Word

This is one of the most popular and widely used documents reading and editing apps out there. With Microsoft Word, you can edit, create, and browse documents on the go. It gives you free access to all your files in the cloud at any time. Using this app allows you to work from any place you want. One of the good things is that it automatically saves recent documents on your device. Not just that, but it also allows you to share your files with other users with ease. 

3. Docs To Go: Free Office Suite

Docs To Go is a highly efficient office suite application. It includes many useful features like a table processor, a text editor, and an option for creating presentations. It saves all the files in MS Office formats and provides support for almost all versions of the file formats. This app is better than half of the PDF readers available on the Play Store. It is fast and convenient to use. It allows you to zoom in on small texts for better visibility with just a pinch gesture. 

4. WPS Office + PDF

If you want a free document viewing app, then WPS Office + PDF would be the best choice for you. This app can easily work with all types of Microsoft Office files, which makes it highly efficient for users. Besides that, it has a special tool for working with PDF files. It allows you to both views and converts PDF files right from your phone. You can also convert Text, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Doc. in PDF format if needed. It also includes the option for wireless printing, so it’s easier for you to transfer documents to the printer.

5. Google PDF Viewer

For instant PDF file reading, you can use Google PDF Viewer. This app helps you to view and read PDF files on your mobile device with ease. Unlike other PDF readers, it is quick and doesn’t lag. With the help of this app you can easily read any book, magazine, periodical, and other documents quickly. It also includes the option to print files, copy text, and search text within a document.

With an efficient document managing app, you can complete your office work or edit documents on the go. You no longer have to sit for hours before your computer screen. Just install any of these apps and start working.


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