Where In Tears Of The Kingdom To Find Ancient Blades

Where In Tears Of The Kingdom To Find Ancient Blades:

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to know how to obtain the Ancient Blades? It is a strong tool in the game that looks like a knife.

Most Zelda games have a lot of weapons, like the Skyward Sword and the Fierce Deity Sword. One of these tools is the Ancient Blade. Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, this method will tell you how to obtain the Ancient Blades.

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Ancient Blade is back, but it is not a full-fledged weapon this time. Link’s Fuse skill can be used to add it to physical weapons or arrows to make them stronger.

Adding the thing to a striking weapon will give you a huge +50 stat boost, but it’s up to you. If you put it on an arrow, it may kill in one shot, but you can only use it once.

What Is A Blade From The Past?

The Ancient Blade was a very powerful item that grants +50 attack power to a weapon when it is joined with it. This upgrade makes it easy for Link to beat tough monsters, sometimes in just one hit.

Here are some places and methods throughout Tears of the Kingdom where you can find this powerful fuse fuel. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, here is everything you need to know about where to find old blades.

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, weapons are a big part of staying alive as you explore Hyrule. The better your weapons, the easier it will be to kill big enemies like Gleeoks or groups of Bokoblins playing Following the Leader.

What Is The Old Sword?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Ancient Blade jumps out because it gives the most attack power when combined, more than any other item or element in the game.

But this edge doesn’t last long because the old blade breaks after only one use, no matter if it was joined with a combat weapon or a shot. Also, if it kills the enemy in one hit, the enemy’s body will disappear, so Link won’t be able to take any of its items.

Where To Look For The Old Sword In Tears Of The Kingdom:

There are different ways to get old blades within Tears of the Kingdom. You can find these powerful items in loot boxes all over Hyrule.

You can also get a chance to get an old blade by scanning a certain amiibo. Lastly, you can buy Ancient Blades via an NPC once you’ve made a lot of advancement throughout the main story. Here are the specifics of how to get old swords within Tears of the Kingdom.

Where To Find Treasure Chests:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Link can find old blades in certain prize boxes. It’s important to remember that these prize boxes don’t return, so you can only get so many Ancient Blades this way.

These are some of the known places within Tears of the Kingdom where you may discover an old blade in a prize box. If you want to get Ancient Blades within Tears of the Kingdom, you can scan the Breath of the Wild Archer Link Amiibo.

When you use this amiibo, it might give you an old blade as a prize. This is probably a nod to the old, strong arrows that Link utilized in Breath of the Wild. Link can feel the identical power and quickly relive the greatness of his past travels by joining an old blade to an arrow.

Treasure Chest Coordinates Description
Well in Highland Stable 0537, -3427, 0048 Visit the Highland Stable and you’ll find the well that leads down into the Komo Shoreline Cave. A short distance after entering, you’ll see a small area with some crates and a chest that contains an Ancient Blade.
Northwest of Farosh Hills 0391, -2317, 0009 You’ll find a buried chest containing the Ancient Blade in some shallow water at this location.
North of Deya Lake 0266, -1652, 0009 Locate a buried chest containing an Ancient Blade on the shore near a bridge across the Hylia River, north of Deya Lake.
West of Outpost Ruins -0557, -1688, 0072 Discover a chest containing an Ancient Blade behind a giant rock found up a ledge west of the Outpost Ruins.
East of East Necluda 2936, -2514, 0122 Journey to the east of the East Necluda text on the map, you’ll find a partially buried chest near some stone walls. Inside this chest you’ll find an Ancient Blade.
Talus Plateau Cave 4507, -0232, 0051 Search the cliff for a massive rock wall. Break the wall and you’ll discover a small cave and a chest containing an Ancient Blade.


Location Of A Vendor Who Is Selling Ancient Sword:

Late-game players can buy more Ancient Blades from an NPC within the Spirit Temple.  This is the most guaranteed way to get more Ancient Blades.

To get to the Spirit Temple, though, you have to finish all four main plot temples within Tears of the Kingdom as well as the main quest, “Main Goal Guidance from Ages Past.”

The Spirit Temple is in the southeast part of the Depths, at coordinates 1402, -3213, as well as -0597. Once you’ve opened it, you can get there by going to that area.

At positions 1335, -3365, and -0737, you’ll find two friendly structures inside the Spirit Temple. One will sell weapons made by the Zonai, as well as the other will sell Ancient Blades for 50 Zonaite each.

You can buy as many Ancient Blades as you want from this NPC, as long as you have enough Zonaite.


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