In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Find Toto Lake

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Find Toto Lake:

Finding Toto Lake is part of the major tale of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It is part of the “The Broken Slate” quest and visiting Zora’s Domain.

If you’re playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and want to find Toto Lake, it’s right behind Ploymus Mountain. You can get there quickly from the Ihen-a Shrine near Mipha Court by jumping or gliding down, or you can swim up the brown stream behind Zora’s domain.

As part of the main quest within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players will have to find Toto Lake. But it’s not clear how to get to Toto Lake at first glance. Link will be able to figure out what he requires in order to help Zora rid herself of the sludge if he can find this lake.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, if the player wants to help Zora’s Domain, they will finally have to find Toto Lake. One of the tasks in the area is to find an old stone tablet. Toto Lake is hard to find, but if you wait in queue, you’ll get there on time.

How To Get To Toto Lake:

If you can’t find Toto Lake, it might be because you’re looking for a blue spot on the map. This isn’t true, as the greenish-brown color of the dirty water shows on the picture.

Once you’ve opened the area map, you’ll see that Toto Lake was north of Zora’s Domain. To get to the tower in Zora’s Domain, you’ll need to know how to clean up the muck there. On the map below, you can see how close Toto Lake is to Zora’s Domain.

If there is a huge tower of muck building up in the middle of the lake, you are in the right place. You can find Jiahto as well as a cave filled with a cracked tablet if you look around.

To move the quest forward, you’ll need to find a big piece of the tablet outdoors the cave and use Ultrahand to put it back where it belongs. Use an arrow alongside a splash fruit to get off the piece of tablet that is stuck in the sludge.

How To Get To Lanayru Region:

Lookout Landing is far to the east of Zora’s Domain. You’ll pass through the Lanayru Wetlands, the Zodobon Highlands, and Ruto Mountain on your way. Get to Wetland Stable, which is southeast of your hub town, to find out what’s going on.

You won’t run into a Skyview Tower directly, but the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, located south of the stable, might be worth going out of your way to open.

This will let you see Zora’s Domain within the background, and if you want, you can also stop by Kakariko. You could also go to Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower as well as glide southeast from there. This way, you could also get near the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.

Where Zora’s Domain Is:

This is pretty simple. Follow the road east from the stable. You will pass the Lanayru Wetlands Well as well as the Goponga Village Ruins Well. If you follow the bridges, you’ll find your way.

This is pretty much true for the whole trip. Follow the bridges and keep going east. When you see mud, you know that you’re heading in the right direction. If it starts to bother you, you can try any fresh fruit you have.

When the bridges change from wood or stone to blue and white striped buildings that are cleaner than usual, you’re getting close to Zora’s Domain. You can get into the area by crossing the Great Zora Bridge.

Where To Go And What To Do:

The sludge falling from the sky has made this once-elegant city dirty and dangerous for these people who love water. Prince Sidon can’t be found either.

As soon as you walk in, go straight up to the center area, where you’ll see a figure covered in mud. Talk to the green woman within front of the figure to find out that it needs to be cleaned, but there are no more splash fruits left. This makes ‘The Sludge-Covered Statue’ your main quest.

The Main Quest For The Sludge-Covered Statue Is:

It’s a good thing we brought splash fruit or whatever you’d like to bring that gets wet. Hold down “R” and press up onto the D-pad to pick up your tools.

Scroll around until you discover a few splash fruit or blue Chuchu Jelly, release the hold of the Up button, and aim. Let go, or R, as well as throw it. Keep doing this until every bit of sludge is gone.

The woman says she is Yona, Prince Sidon’s fiancee, and thank you for scrubbing the statue in Breath of the Wild that shows you and Sidon’s bravery.

Yona tells you to meet her later at the hospital, which you should definitely do. She also tells that Sidon is staying at Mipha Court. If you go to the hospital now, you’ll get a new quest called “Restoring the Zora Armor,” that you can do after you go to the Mipha Court.


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