Building a Vacation Rental Company

Modern society is far different than it was 100 years ago. The world has changed so much and in order for us to stay abreast, we need to keep up with the changing trends. One of the big changes is how we conduct business.

A lot of us still work 9-5 office jobs, but a lot of us don’t want to live that hustle anymore. If you are one of those people, then you should consider a vacation rental company.

Renting Vacation Property

Have you ever been to a place that is extremely quiet during the winter seasons, only to find it a bustling holiday hotspot when summer arrives? These are the types of places where you can set up your business. Holiday-goers no longer want to stay in a hotel. The newest trend is to live like a local and what better way to do this than by living like a local.

By renting a local property, you are able to immerse yourself in the holiday experience, doing all the things you would do if you actually live there. It makes the holiday feel far more authentic and real. Why not capitalize on this trend by starting a business that rents these properties.

Starting a Vacation Rental Company

Profits are the main reason any business is started and you can be earning a comfortable revenue stream no matter where you are in the world. It might seem out of your reach because you don’t have the necessary capital to purchase property, but there are different ways that you can make it happen. You can buy, take out a loan, or even rent and re-rent the same property.

The reason this business model makes sense is due to the over-priced nature of holiday housing. The same city that is quiet during Winter, will triple, sometimes quadruple, their asking prices for the property during Summer. This is due to supply and demand. By noticing this, you can take advantage and make some serious money.

The amount will vary based on where you are renting, but for example, if you rent a property in the off-season, you might pay $10,000 for a year’s rent. Then, just by renting it out in peak season, you could make $20,000 or more. Just by renting out in a few months of the year, you are able to cover your costs and make a sizeable profit.

If this interests you, you need to get started. One of the easiest ways to make it happen is by creating a Lodgify Vacation Rental Website. This company ensures that your clients can easily access your listed properties. It also links all other online rental bookings, from Airbnb and other platforms, onto one easy-to-use calendar. Once you have your website running, you can establish a trustworthy local support team. These people will take care of the cleaning and any additional requirements a guest might have. By doing all this, you will have a company making you residual income in no time.


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