To Obtain The Bull Goat Armor Pair In Elden Ring, Do The Following

To Obtain The Bull Goat Armor Pair In Elden Ring, Do The Following:

Even though it’s not the best Elden Ring style, the Bull Goat armor set will give you the most poise as well as the best defenses in the game.

This Set Of Armor look Very silly But IS Good For Your Stats:

It’s also big, heavy, as well as makes you look very silly, but it’s worth your time to get if you work on your stats so you can use it. Getting a set of Bull Goat armor in Elden Ring isn’t hard either, but it will take a while and you’ll have to kill a boss and two NPCs.

The bull-goat armor set in Elden Ring is one of a kind because it has two large horns that stick out from the chest. It comes with a helmet, chest armor, gauntlets, and greaves, just like any other armor set in the Elden Ring.

This Set Of Armor Is Far Better Than Other Armor Set In Game:

The Bull Goat armor set has the highest poise and physical defense of any set in the game. But this comes with a big cost: it’s the heaviest set of amour in the game.

How To Get Bull Goat Armor:

You have to go to the Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir, west of the Altus Plateau, before you can get the Bull-Goat armor. It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you join it. You’ll also need to be far enough along in Patches’s quest for him to show up at the manor.

In order to start your journey to the Bull-Goat amour, you should finish the very first Volcano Manor task, which is described in the first Letter from Volcano Manor.

Try to murder Old Knight Istvan in Lim-grave, and then go back to the manor and talk to Tanith.

After you get your reward, go over to Patches in the hall. He will give you the Letter to Patches, which tells you to murder the Great Horned Tragoth.

Bull-Goat Armor Set Stats:






Weight 11.3 26.5 8.8 16.4
Phys. Absorb 7.5 20.4 5.2 11.9
Vs. Strike 7.4 20.2 5.2 11.8
Vs. Slash 6.7 18.3 4.6 10.6
Vs. Pierce 6.7 18.3 4.6 10.6
Vs. Magic 4.7 13.3 3.3 7.6
Vs. Fire 4.8 13.5 3.3 7.7
Vs. Lightning 5.3 13.5 3.7 8.5
Vs. Holy 4.6 12.8 3.2 7.3
Immunity 31 71 24 44
Robustness 35 83 28 51
Focus 20 46 15 29
Vitality 23 55 18 34
Poise 15 47 10 28

If you haven’t been to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice before, you’ll need to go there and climb all the way to the top. When you beat Magma Wyrm Makar, a red sign to call Tragoth will show up close to the Site of Grace.

Once you’re in Tragoth’s world, you’ll only have half of your usual number of red and blue flasks, and you’ll be in for a tough fight. Tragoth hits like a truck and has more than 5,000 HP.

His attacks are slow, which is good because it’s easy to dodge or avoid them, but if he hits you, you’ll probably lose half your health. His butt slam is especially dangerous, but his switch hammer slam is just about as dangerous.

If you can outlast Tragoth and reduce his health, you’ll get a Furl calling Finger Remedy as well as a Rune Arc at first, and when you go back to your world, you’ll get the Bull-Goat armor set.


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