Calla Lily Locations Where To Locate Calla Lily In Genshin Impact

Calla Lily Locations Where To Locate Calla Lily In Genshin Impact:

When you first start out on your adventure in Genshin Impact and catch Paimon from the ocean, you will see a calla lily near a pond on the main road.

This lively-looking Mondstadt specialty can be used to make Calla Lily Seafood Soup, a tasty three-star meal that will help your defense.

The cat bartender Diona as well as the knight Kaeya, who is everyone’s forgotten favorite, also need this flower to reach the next level. During the limited-time Inazuman Irodori Festival, you might also utilize the calla lily to make the recipe for Rainbow Aster, a cold drink.

In Genshin Impact, calla lilies are one of the most important resources. Bitter flowers are useful for both ascension and crafting, so you’ll have a lot of them in your inventory in no time. But you can only locate a calla lily in a few places in Teyvat. Otherwise, you might look for hours and not find one.

What Is Calla Lily?

Category Detail
Specialty A flower that grows near water sources. When cooked the petals have a chunky texture, yet are sweet and a little bitter.

Calla Lily How To Get It:

In Genshin Impact, the correct method to get Calla Lily is to go to Flora’s shop close to the entrance to Mondstadt City. She sells five kinds of flowers, and the calla lily is one of them.

Every few days, you can buy up to five stacks. Growing Calla Lilies in your Serenitea Pot is another easy way to get a lot of them with little work. Each pouch of flower seeds can be bought from Tubby for 5 realm currencies.

After about three days, the “A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow” item is able to be utilized to grow and harvest the calla lilies. The third and simplest way to get this pond flower is to look for it in the overworld.

Finest Areas To Farm Calla Lilies:

In Genshin Impact, the lake south of Springvale, a village south of Mondstadt City, is the best place to farm more than a dozen stacks of Calla lilies.

The Teleport Waypoint for this site is in the middle of the lake. From there, you could indeed quickly utilize Mona or Ayaka to cross the water and pick up the calla lilies on the shore. There are a few other places near Waypoints that I recommend going to grow Calla Lilies.

  1. Point of interest east of Dawn Winery
  2. Starfell Lake’s south side
  3. Near Thousand Winds Temple, the tiny pond to a left of the waypoint
  4. The Water Slime Alcove is west of the Wolvendom Waypoint, across a pond.
  5. The north side and the south side of the lake in the middle of Dadaupa Gorge.

How To Farm Calla Lily:

If you go to the above places, you’re likely to find a few Calla Lilies, but it’s easiest to stick to a set pattern to fast farm a lot of them. We suggest the following pattern if you want to grow a lot of calla lilies quickly.

  1. Travel to Mondstadt’s Starfell Valley and look in the tiny pond to a north of Starfell Lake.
  2. Go straight to Starfell Lake and pick up 2 more Calla Lilies on the other side.
  3. Look in the small pond west of the nearest teleport point, near the Thousand Winds Temple.
  4. You can find 4 more calla lilies in Dadaupa Gorge.
  5. You can teleport to Springvale as well as look around the edge of Springvale Lake to find about ten more Calla lilies.
  6. Go to Dawn Winery and look in the body of water that is directly to the south. The most flowers are along its southern shores.

There are probably many other places where calla lilies grow, but if you follow this simple pattern, you should be able to acquire more than 20 calla lilies in just a few minutes. If you only want a few flowers, you should go to Starfell Lake, where there are always a few that are ready to be picked.

How To Cook Seafood Soup:

Rarity Ingredients Effect
3 Stars Crab x 4 and Calla Lily x 1 Increases all party members DEF by 108-154 for 300 seconds.


Items That Uses Calla Lily Characters That Use Calla Lily
Calla Lily Seafood Soup Diona
A Prize Catch Kaeya
Rainbow Aster


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