Should You Join The Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor?

Should You Join The Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor?

Elden Ring doesn’t have an official covenant system with factions that have reputations & rewards, but Volcano Manor as well as the Bloody Fingers make up for it well.

Both can be hard to get into, with long chains of quests or long walks across the Lands Between. Should you spend your time with the blasphemous recusants of Volcano Manor, or choose to travel to Leyndell’s capital to the east?

The Elden Ring Volcano Manor quest is one of the most complicated & strange stories you’ll come across in The Lands Between.

Is Joining The Volcano Manor A Good Idea?

Even though getting to Volcano Manor takes a lot of time and work, it’s well worth it. It’s where you can get the best as well as best-looking armour in Elden Ring, as well as a PvP item that’s almost free and some rare but still fun spells.

If you don’t meet Rya in Liurnia afterward on the Altus Plateau, you’ll have to go around Mount Gelmir to get to the real manor. When Tanith asks whether you’d like to join, you should say yes.

If you don’t want to join, it won’t hurt anything, and you’re able to talk to Tanith again whenever you want to join, as long as you haven’t killed Rykard.

Once you’re a member of the Volcano Manor, go down the hall to the drawing room to get the Volcano Manor finger and letter. Talk to Bernahl as well, because he will have some treats for you later.

The letter tells you where you need to go to attack and kill a target. Since these are NPCs, there is no need for PvP. When you beat each one, you’ll get a reward and have to go back to the manor to get a new letter as well as target. Tanith will also give you something every time you do well.

Target 1:

Old Knight Istvan in Lim-grave When you beat it, you get the Scaled set. The Magma Shot Sorcery is given out by Tanith.

Target 2:

On the Altus Plateau, Rileigh the Idle When you beat Crepus, you’ll get his vial as well as 20 black-key bolts. The Serpent Bone Blade is given by Tanith.

Target 3:

Knight of Blood in the Mountaintops of the Giants, Juno Hoslow When you beat Hoslow, you’ll get Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Hoslow’s Armor. Tanith gives the Taker’s Cameo and makes Rykard’s boss room easy to get to.

After getting the second letter, you can talk to Bernahl about a special quest: a 2 on 2¬†fight in Leyndell for the Raging Wolf set as well as Gelmir’s Fury Sorcery. You can get the Bull-Goat set as well as the Magma Whip Candlestick if Patches is at the manor.


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