The Following Is A Complete List Of Locations And Rewards For Dondon In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Following Is A Complete List Of Locations And Rewards For Dondon In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Dondon are one of the rarest and most precious items you can discover in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If a player wants to earn some fast rupees, they can sell their precious stones to a merchant.

On the other hand, if a player wants to pull out their weaponry, they should consider fusing their Dondon into a sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the only game in which Dondons appear. These big animals are tame and may be found around Hyrule.

However, they have a special ability that allows them to devour luminous stones and produce a broad array of jewels that can be utilised in various manufacturing endeavours or sold to various merchants.

Dondon are among the rarest and most precious goods that may be unearthed within Tears of the Kingdom however, there are hundreds of other unique commodities and resources that can be discovered here as well.

Not only can you make a nice buck off of the sale of these rare gems to merchants, yet they also feature some of the greatest Fusion power that can be found anywhere in the game. The true challenge is in acquiring Dondon, which might be difficult to do if one is not aware of the appropriate locations to search.

In light of this, the following are some tried-and-true methods that may be employed in Tears of the Kingdom to get a few Dondon, as well as some additional strategies that can facilitate the process of finding them.

Where We Can Obtain Each And Every Dondon:

It has been established without a reasonable doubt that the only place within Tears of the Kingdom where Dondons may be found is in the Bronas Forest.

They are a required component of a quest known as “The Beast and the Princess,” in which it is said that Princess Zelda was observed riding a colossal and deadly beast as if she were in control of it.

When I first learned this, my first thought was that it was identical Princess Zelda who had been making appearances in the various major plot sequences, but it turned out that this wasn’t the case.

Instead, when I got to the spot where the rumours originated, which was a subtropical region in the south of Hyrule, I found Dondons for the very first time.

These enormous, docile animals were seen ambling over the plains, but other than that, all they did was leisurely meander around, munch grass, and linger around the same place. They did not engage in any other significant activity.

You may locate Dondons within Tears of the Kingdom to the opposite side of Lakeside Stable, close to Lake Floria. This area is known as the Dondon Valley.

After you make your way over the lake from the Lakeside Stable towards the southern part of the Bronas Forest, you will find the Dondons there, as well as Zelda’s research assistant, who was helping her in her studies of these animals.

It has been discovered that these one-of-a-kind creatures, when fed Luminous Stones, generate Dondon after a considerable amount of time has passed.

Where Can I Find The Rewards?

If you put a Luminous Stone in front of a Dondon, it will be consumed by that Dondon. After reaching that point, in order to claim any of the Dondons’ prizes, you will need to go back there later.

According to the results of player tests, it seems that it takes 15 minutes out of the whole 15 minutes of the game before the Dondons offer you any gems.

It is recommended that you give them five Luminous Stones since it is the most number that they can consume. Rather than giving them less, giving them more will provide the greatest outcomes.

During Tears of the Kingdom, Dondons are the only creatures that can grant you any of these jewels. When you give a Dondon five Luminous Stones, there is a strong possibility that it will give you one of them.

However, their appearance is not guaranteed. Amber, Dondon, Flint, Opals, Rubies, & Sapphires are some examples of precious stones.

Some Information Relating To Dondon:

If you place a Luminous Stone on top of a Dondon, it will approach it in a leisurely manner and consume the item. Their trainer at Lakeside Stable claims that this would ultimately cause them to “create” more jewels, although the veracity of this claim has not yet been established.

Either the digestion takes an extremely long time or they are highly selective regarding who they “create” Dondon for. Either way, it seems like they are quite picky.

When it becomes dark, the horns and backs of dondons light up. The Dondons are a playable character in a side quest called “The Beast & the Princess,” which may be accessed by speaking to Penn at the Lakeside Stable.


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