How To Finish Karahatag Shrine Within Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Karahatag Shrine Within Tears Of The Kingdom:

You’ll have to master the use of Ultra-hand as well as Recall in order to complete this challenge, just as you did with the other Shrines during Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Getting to it is half the fight, therefore make sure you bring garments that can withstand the cold for the night as well as clothes that can withstand the sun if you are trekking across the desert during the day.

Karahatag Shrine, also known as the Drifting Flame Shrine, is one of the 152 shrines that may be discovered in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It can be found in the Gerudo Desert sector of the Southern Oasis.

This article provides information on how to find and access the TotK Karahatag shrine, as well as a tour for the shrine itself, answers to puzzles, and the locations of treasure chests.

The riddles found inside the shrines of Tears of the Kingdom may be rather challenging.

The majority of them will progressively teach gamers the mechanics they must understand in order to solve the puzzles in the shrine and enter the final chamber, despite the fact that some of them may be difficult to grasp.

On the other hand, one might make the case that Karahatag Shrine skips the educational component entirely and goes straight to the mystifying element of the experience.

This guide will assist you in locating and solving Karahatag Shrine so that you may more easily acquire that additional Light of Blessing.

Location Of The Karahatag Shrine:

The Karahatag Shrine can be found in the Gerudo Valley sector of the Southern Oasis, which is located to the south of Gerudo Town. -3726, -3625, & 0043 are the precise coordinates for this location. In the midst of the Gerudo Desert may be found the Karahatag Shrine.

In order to get there quickly, go to the shrine within Gerudo Town known as the Sryotanog Shrine. After that, continue in a southwest direction till you approach this shrine. It is recommended that you wait until the dust storm has passed before attempting to finish this shrine.

The Solution To A Flaming Problem That Is Drifting:

Karahatag Shrine, also known as Drifting Flame, is an area that will test players’ mastery of Link’s Recall ability as well as their ability to employ the elements that are present in their surroundings.

In the first chamber there is a torch, a pillar that is lighted on fire, and another pillar that is unlit that is hanging upside down.

To ignite the flame pillar, pick up the torch that is lying on the ground, put it on, and then swing it close to it. To hurl the lighted torch towards the unlit column that is suspended from the ceiling, use the R button. As soon as it is ignited by the fire, the gate will swing open.

Second Room Have A Trigger:

The second space has a trigger that is located roughly in the middle of the door leading into the chamber. When the appropriate button is pressed, all three upside-down containers in front of you will open up to reveal three dark pillars within.

The aim remains the same as previously, which is to lighting them up. However, since they go back into hiding as soon as you walk away from the triggering device, it is somewhat more difficult to bring them out into the open.

There will be a flame pillar that may be used that is located near to the locked gate that prevents access to the final statue. Grab it with your Ultra-hand, and then ride it to the location where the pillars are that are not lighted up.

Put the flame pillar beneath each of the three unlit pillars, once at a time, and then raise each of the pillars as if you were going to light them. After you have completed this step with all three, you should next return to the device that will activate the alarm and walk on it.

Employing Recall will cause the flame pillars to resume their previous route. However, given that you are now standing on the activating mechanism, the formerly dark pillars will now become illuminated.

I want to congratulate you on your victory against the Karahatag Shrine. Check out the Skyview Tower position guide if you’re having trouble finding your way around Hyrule on your journey.

It will point you in the right direction. If you are interested in acquiring a new horse, you may also learn how to acquire the enormous White Stallion.


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