How To Fix The Error Code 395002 When Your Diablo 4 Account Is Locked

How To Fix The Error Code 395002 When Your Diablo 4 Account Is Locked:

Diablo 4 finally came out on June 6, after 11 years of waiting. However, mistakes such as “code 395002” have made it hard for people to jump into the action. The computers seem to be getting busy because of how popular the game is.

Since Diablo 4 is always online, you could run into problems when attempting to play it. When you try to join and get the message “Your account is currently locked,” Error 395002 may indicate a very scary message.

You might be looking for a way to solve this problem, no matter how frustrating it is. Let’s talk about Diablo 4 problem 395002 as well as how to resolve it.

Diablo 4 doesn’t have an offline mode, so we’ve made an index of Diablo 4 error codes to assist you figure out what’s wrong if you can’t log in with all of the Diablo 4 classes while you’re exploring Sanctuary.

Reviewing your own setup, such as the Diablo 4 system needs and the best choices for your rig, can help you avoid problems in the future. After that, here’s how to resolve the Diablo 4 error code 395002.

What Does It Mean When My Account Is Locked?

The mistake itself tries to look less bad than it really is. It’s a pop-up box which says “Your account is locked right now. Please try again after a few minutes.

Code 395002 Even though it says to try once more after a couple of minutes, it almost never works. A few people have been getting this problem for hours, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to fix it.

Here are the main reasons why you might be getting error 395002 on Diablo 4: Accounts shut down.

Most of the time, sites that are too busy are the main cause of the Diablo 4 account closed error 395002. To put it more simply, it means that as well that many people attempt to sign through the game at the same time.

Because of this, the computers can’t handle so many people at once, so they have to kick out a lot of people. Some less common reasons for the “account locked” mistake are a slow internet link or a firewall on your PC that stops you from playing the game.

Even though these things aren’t usually the problem, it’s still a good idea to check them out and think about every option.

How Do I Fix Trouble Code 395002?

Even though this server mistake is a bit more complicated than the other one, the error message tells you to wait for a while before attempting to sign in again. But if this is still giving you trouble, Blizzard has some suggestions for how to fix it.

Sign out of the activity and back in again. This will update your hero screen so you can see all of the heroes you can use. Run the fixing tool to fix game files that are broken.

Change to a different game area and back to clear the game’s files. If you remove the Tools folder, old or broken files will be fixed immediately.

Some players think that the mistake will go away if they restart the game as well as their app. Most of the time, the best way to get past this login problem is to try again and again.

At some point, you’ll be ready to get back into Sanctuary and start exploring it again. Even though you might have to be patient while the mistake is in place.

Diablo 4 Error Codes List:

Error Code Description
Network Disconnect This appears during gameplay and happens when the servers are overloaded. There is no fix here, but you should be able to log back in.
1910 there’s only one report of this code, and it’s unclear what the issue is outside of it possibly being related to server issues.
34202 server stability issue. If this message mentions the player’s internet connection, shut down the game and reopen it.
34203 this error code appears as you’re logging in, with users feeding back that it seems tied to Battle.Net accounts. Your best option is to reload the game and keep trying or wait for the account issue to resolve.
300010 according to reports, this rarely appears on the PC version and is mainly being shown to console players. It’s unclear what it means at this time.
315306 Valid License error. Appears if you try to join the game before the official time or if your login authentication fails.
316005 the description of this one says there are no available character slots. You’ll need to manually delete any excess characters and create a new one from there.
316719 this error code can appear during character creation, starting the game, and various other places. This may occur when the server has stability issues. You can learn more about the Diablo 4 error code 316719 and what you can do in the linked guide. If the message mentions the player’s internet connection, shut down the game and reopen it. It may also appear after a Network Disconnect error.
300202 this error code also appears during busy periods. Either rejoin the queue or reopen the game to see if this resolves itself. You can check out our Diablo 4 error code 300202 guide if you want to know more.
300008 request timeout error. This will boot you back to the start menu after appearing. Your best bet here is to shut down the game and Battle.Net, then reopen it, but we do have a Diablo 4 error code 300008 guide if you’re still having trouble.
395002 Your account is currently locked. Please wait a few minutes and try again”. If you’re receiving this message, there’s a strong chance your account hasn’t been locked by the developers. As the message says, simply try to sign into the game again after a few minutes and you should be able to get in. You can learn more in our dedicated Diablo 4 error code 395002 guide.
396022 server ping issue. This occurs during heavy queue times or server instability. If this appears, close down and reopen the game. Here’s our Diablo 4 error code 396022 guide for more pointers.
401003 another error code that can appear when attempting to rejoin after a Network Disconnect. If you see this, shut down the game and restart it.


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