The 10 Best Fan Games Based On Super Mario

The 10 Best Fan Games Based On Super Mario:

When I composed the piece about the greatest Pokémon enthusiast games, I made sure to point out how many there were. The Pokémon world is always growing, thanks to new games from Game Freak and the huge amount of fan-made material.

Without a question, Mario has become one of the more famous and well-known figures in any medium. He has been in hundreds of videogames on about a dozen systems and has had a minimum of two additional jobs.

With the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie coming out, it’s clear that Mario’s time has only just begun. Mario is the most well-known mascot for a video game. He is the face of platform games, of Nintendo, and for some players, of the whole industry.

As a result, a large group of fans has given Mario’s journeys their own twist by making fan games as well as reskins that unofficially take the world to new heights. Here is a list of the top 10 fan-made Super Mario games, in alphabetical order.

There are almost 1500 fan games about Mario, so there are a lot to look through. We all know, though, that more doesn’t always mean better. So we worked hard to find the best Mario games so you wouldn’t have to deal with the sometimes overwhelming number of bad ones.

Here Is A List Of The Best 10 Mario Games:


The name of this game might not tell you what it is, but the picture ought to be very clear. This serves as a stand-alone hack for the initial Super Mario Bros.

It imagines what would happen if Mario had the gun from Portal. It’s more of a chaos model than a puzzle game on PC, but fans of both series should be interested enough to check it out.

No Mario’s Sky:

The first version of the game, called No Mario’s Sky, came out of a three-day game jam. The Australian company ASMB Games wanted to make a game that looked like a mix of Super Mario Bros. as well as No Man’s Sky.

Similar to a promoting game that occurs on a planet that looks like a disc and where Mario can create a spaceship that can travel to other randomly produced worlds to explore. An experience that seems to go on forever because each world may seem completely different.

But about a week after it was put on, Nintendo sent a warning under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act asking that the game be taken down.

Shortly after getting the letter, the team chose to share an improved version of “DMCA’s Sky,” which was a clear jab at Nintendo.

The team, however, made it clear that their three-day game jam submission was missing a lot of ideas, so they kept working on it and released “Deep Sky,” which had more content.

Mario Royale:

Mario Royale came out before Super Mario Bros. 35. It was the same idea: a bunch of Marios sped through famous levels, trying to stay alive as long as possible and get farther than anyone else.

At least, that’s how it began. At this point, Mario Royale has a ridiculous number of characters to choose from; simply take a look at the picture above. There’s just one page there. This fan-made Super Mario game is one of the most enjoyable because it has a lot of different things to do.

Mario Vania:

The title and image above tell you what this is. In this adventure, Mario meets Castle-Vania Symphony of the Night. Players use skills like the fireball within creative ways to get around.

Goombas as well as Koopa Troopas are some of the enemies you’ll face, but Mario-Vania additionally features a lot of new monsters and bosses.

In Super Mario 3D Land:

Before the Nintendo Switch came out, it was clear that Super Mario 3D Land had been the best Mario portable game. The 3DS game has some of its most fun, bite-sized Mario levels as well as is packed to the gills with material.

Super Mario 3D Land was a great game to play on the go because it used every trick from the Mario design book, whether it was perfect 3D promoting or throwback 2.5D old levels.

It also used the system’s glasses-free 3D within a way that nothing else has come closest to, making the game feel really alive.

In Super Mario Sunshine:

Super Mario Sunshine might have tried to sell itself with a strange idea, but adding the F.L.U.D.D. as both a cleaning tool as well as a platforming tool helped the series reach new heights in some very smart ways.

It gave us a chance to explore Yoshi within a 3D playground full of great platforming opportunities and some really hard parts. It also had some of the most colorful levels that were fun to play more than once.

In Super Mario 3D World:

Super Mario 3D World is not only one of the best games for the Wii U, but it is also one of Mario’s best journeys ever. It adds to the diorama-like feel of 3D Land through rendering the stages bigger, adding more tasks, and changing the way they look all the time.

You can also play through the whole game with up to three friends, which is the best multiplayer the series has ever featured.

Lastly, it brings back a lot of the classic Mario power-ups and adds a few that should be in every Mario game for the rest of time. Really, your life is never going to be exactly the same again after you see Mario as well as his friends dress up as cats and then copy themselves with Double Cherries.


Even though the name is a bit obvious, this is a Metroid-Vania game that was inspired by Mario. Even though Mario looks funny and skinny in this game, it’s still a great idea.

Nintendo has said that, even though they like the Metroid games, they don’t sell well enough for them to be released as often as Mario or The Legend of Zelda. If that’s the case, Nintendo should take a cue from the fans of the game and create a Metroid-Vania game with Mario or, better yet, Link.

Toads Vs Koopas:

This is a completely original game which takes the idea of Plants vs. Zombies as well as applies it to the Mario world. Toads are basically planting people, and Koopas aren’t zombies, but they are dumb goons, which is close enough.

It plays just like you would think, with other well-known actors on both sides. It could be cool to make one of these for real, but with Captain Toad.

Super Mario Bros. X:

It’s like a hack that never stops. Yes, Mario friends, it goes forth and on. What started out as a new adventure modelled on the SNES version of Super Mario Bros.

3 evolved into a single of the biggest fan projects in history. This stand-alone PC game has a lot of Mario games in it. There are a lot of different types to enjoy.


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