How To Get Cryptographic ALU In Warframe?

How To Get Cryptographic ALU In Warframe?

You may be interested in understanding how to farm cryptography ALU in Warframe because it is a unique resource that is used to make the Razorback Cypher.

In Warframe, there are a lot of rare resources that can only drop in particular places or during certain tasks. If you want to build tools, you’ll have to look for these rare resources. So, here is our guide to farming cypher ALU in Warframe.

In Warframe, the Cryptographic ALU has a unique element. It is used to make the Razorback Cypher, which is connected to a very special item and task. To get the task of killing that Razorback throughout a Razorback Armada attack, you must possess the Razorback Cypher.

This also happens to be the only time in the game that this item will fall. The game’s description says that the material looks like a big piece of electronics.

What Is Cryptographic ALU?

Cryptographic ALU is a rare material that is needed to make the Razorback Cypher gear. This gear is important throughout the Razorback Armada attack events because it lets you use a certain computer to finish the task.

You will need 1,250 credits, 1,500 packages of polymer, three galliums, as well as four cypher ALU to make the thing.

You can only get this resource at certain Razorback Armada occurrences, so you aren’t going to be ready to farm it on a daily basis. Instead, you’ll have to keep an eye out for signs that one of these tournaments has started.

How To Obtain The Cryptographical ALU:

The cryptographic ALU can only be dropped by enemies that have been killed during Corpus Archwing missions. You can find these jobs on Jupiter as well as Neptune. Galiliea on Jupiter is a good place for people who are new to the game to farm this item.

It’s an attack task for Levels 15–20, and it should give out between 2 and 4 ALUs. This task is pretty short, so you ought to be able to do it more than once in fifteen minutes. For creating a Razorback Cypher, you need four of these.

Salacia on Neptune was a good place for better players to farm. She drops approximately twelve ALUs per task. Keep in mind that these items drop from slain enemies, so don’t rush past groups of enemies just to make it to the goal.

Kill everything you’re able to give yourself the best chance to obtain the resource to drop. When you have at least four ALUs, you can put together the Razorback Cypher within your forge.

It takes one minute to build, and you have to put it on your Gear rail in the Arsenal before you can start the task of eliminating the Razorback. To get the prizes for the event, you must eliminate at least three Razorbacks, so you have to construct three Cyphers.

How To Grow Cryptographic ALU:

Like we said, you can only get the Cryptographic ALU resource during Razorback Armada events, when it drops from Corpus Archwing or Corpus Empyrean foes. The Mobile Defence task on Salacia, Neptune is the best way to get this resource.

This is best for people between levels 27 as well as 32, so you aren’t going to able to do it when you’re just starting out in Warframe.

As this task requires you to safeguard a certain point in opposition to endless enemies, you may accumulate a lot of resources as long you’re able to keep on killing enemies.

Here, you need to watch out for Corpus Archwing enemies. If your task goes well, you’ll probably get at least four of them, which is how many you need to make the Razorback Cypher.

The Sabotage operation on Jupiter’s Galilea is the closest possible place to find this item. This task is for people with levels 15–20, but it will give you smaller of the cryptographic ALU resource total. Now you know how to get secure ALU in War-frame and what it’s used for.


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