May 2023 Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes

May 2023 Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes:

You are in control of a fictional village that was destroyed by terrible creatures in terrible Hunter Tycoon. But do not worry; gallant explorers are coming to drive the plague back.

By erecting the structures they require to thrive, your duty is to organize the village to aid them in the Sim City fashion. When the explorers return home with the spoils of battle and utilize them in your town, you can sit there and watch the money come in.

Who Created The Video Game “Evil Hunter Tycoon”?

A mobile game called Evil Hunter Tycoon was created for both Android and iOS smartphones. Our Evil Hunter Tycoon codes list, which compiles all of the most recent codes for the game in one handy place, is a great resource if you’re seeking for freebies.

You require a hero to find evil when it is in motion. In bad Hunter Tycoon, you can put together a group of heroes who are tasked with finding the world’s bad creatures. You need a consistent flow of money to manage your crew and make sure they have the greatest tools available.

What Purpose Do Codes Serve?

You can use the following codes to earn more money. Although you can only use these codes once, doing so will earn you worthwhile goodies that will aid you in your fight against evil.

These tickets won’t stay forever, much as in other mobile games like Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars, so be sure to use them as soon as you can.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
THXCHIEF 1 Town Chief’s Treasure Chest Active [Latest]
3YNEWUPDATE Summon Looting Owl Active [Latest]
NEWBOSSGZIO Free 300 Gems Active
URMYVALENTINE2 Free 200 Gem Active
URMYVALENTINE1 Free 5 Shiny Coins Active
600WONDERFUL1 3 Arcane Hunters Invitations Active
600WONDERFUL2 Free 200 Gems Active

In-Game Code Redeeming Procedure:

To use codes within the game and receive free rewards, follow these instructions. You can purchase in-game currency such gold coins, gems, & cosmetic goods like outfits, scrolls, or accessories that provide you constant bonuses with the aid of these codes.

Visit the developer-created coupon redemption page. the code you want to redeem, into the box. Type down your user code then click “Redeem” on the following screen.

You can check your in-game mail by opening the Evil Hunter Tycoon app. The incentives should arrive in your email for you to use after a few hours, at the latest.

Finding Additional Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes

Your best hope for finding fresh codes for Evil Hunter Tycoon is to follow the developers’ social media accounts because new codes are typically released when they update the game.

Join the game’s official Discord server to communicate with other players and learn about planned updates before they happen. You may additionally follow Super Planet Games via Twitter for new announcements.

What Occurred To My Malfunctioning Code?

Codes for Evil Hunter Tycoon expire quickly, just like those for many other mobile games. It’s likely that the code you’re attempting has already been taken from the game because they typically expire after a couple of weeks.

Make sure to carefully type them into the space provided on the redemption page if you are confident that it should be functioning. Although they don’t care about case, it’s simple to copy a blank at the conclusion of the code, which will have it register as invalid.

How Can I Locate My User Code Within The Game?

You must locate your user code in order to utilize any codes for Evil Hunter Tycoon. You must open the app in order to accomplish this, then click the Settings button in the screen’s upper-right corner. It can be identified by the Cog Wheel icon.

You may find a button labelled User Code in the upper left-hand corner of the Settings menu. You can click it to reveal your exclusive user code. Before redeeming several codes, we advise writing it down because you’ll need to input it after each one and will want to have it on hand.

Additional Ways To Get Free Prizes:

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, there are various ways to increase your free prizes. The simplest way to get your free participation bonus, which may include anything from scrolls to gems, is to simply log in each day.

Additionally, regularly check your mail because the creators frequently offer free incentives following maintenance and upgrades. The simplest way to find free materials to gather on the ground while playing is to scroll throughout the map.

Search for anything little and bright, then click it! Keep an eye out for treasure chests or Ad Goblins as you scroll the map. By clicking on either, you will receive free money and resources in exchange for viewing a brief advertising.

An Evil Hunter Tycoon Is What?

A fun element has been added to the fantasy themed city management game Evil Hunter Tycoon. Although the city has been completely destroyed, adventurers are now in town to face the monsters.

As you gradually construct more structures to accommodate them, you start to profit from their success. The adventurers can also work in groups to explore dungeons.


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