Details Are Out Now For Battlefield 5 Next-Gen PS5 and Xbox Series X 

One thing is sure that all the Battlefield 5 players will be more than happy when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will soon release in the next month. There are so many reasons for the Battlefield 5 players to get the excitement for the new gaming console release.

But one of the major reasons why they are all pumped up and eagerly waiting for the release date is that the Battlefield 5 game will run smoother.

So all the players will be able to have the gaming experience like never before when they will be playing the Battlefield 5 game on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. 

As you all know, EA Dice did release the final content update for the game that will be back in the month of June. But there are so many fans and players who do believe that the Battlefield 5 game will be featuring 4K resolution on the next-gen system.

Yes, it will be possible for all the players to get the 4K gaming experience while playing Battlefield V at 60 fps. You must know that the news comes from the streamer who did receive the Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

You need to know that the gaming console has been used by several streamers as well as journalists in the video game industry. That is why the new software will not be available for the test as you can see it.

It will be possible to know that the framerate of the Battlefield V game did drop while playing it on Xbox One.

But all the viewers can see that the framerate of the game is remaining constant even at 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X gaming console. Even though it is a minor upgrade in the game, it seems like most players are so happy to play the Battlefield V game. 


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