Star Wars Jedi How To Use Blue Electric Fuse Boxes

Star Wars Jedi How To Use Blue Electric Fuse Boxes:

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can go to many places, but some of them are blocked by a big blue electric spark. These fuses are barely glowing, but they will let you go to more places or open red boxes you find in the world.

Have you observed the electrical boxes that look like plugs? In the following article on How To Utilize The Blue Electric Box In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we’ll show the skills you need to use to deal with these boxes.

You Can Open New Paths Or Boxes With The Use OF Blue Electric Fuse Boxes:

You can find them on every planet within the game, which can be used to do many different things, like open new paths or boxes. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players may find blue boxes that look like plugs and are powered by electricity. These boxes can be found on every planet in the game.

They can be used to open new paths and stores, among other things. But the players must possess a certain skill to be able to use these tools. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, this guide will show you how to use the blue power box.

How To Turn On Electric Blue Boxes:

In Jedi: Survivor, Cal can’t use this item on his own. It takes teamwork, and BD-1 is a droid who can help you figure out how to use these things.

The Blue Electric Fuses can only be turned on and used if BD-1 shoots them with a certain kind of Electro Dart. You can get this skill as you progress through the game, and it makes simpler to explore Koboh.

How To Get The BD-1 Electro Dart Ability:

You can’t get the Electro Dart by spending skill points on the skill tree or by finding it while you’re out exploring the world. Instead, you get the Electro Dart as you go through the primary narrative of Jedi: Survivor, as well as Cal adds it to BD-1’s collection of things.

Bd-1 Electro Dart Ability Is Not A Weapon It’s Only Help You When You Are Exploring Th Map:

This thing is not a weapon that can be used as an attack. It can only be used to explore, and it lets you open the Red Chests in Jedi: Survivor as well as go through some of the locked rooms that are keeping you from getting all of the collection goods within an area.

After You Beat Rayvis Go After DaganĀ  To Obtain A Compass:

After you beat Rayvis as well as go after Dagan to get the compass in Chapter 5 of Jedi: Survivor, “Compass Acquired,” you can get the BD-1 Electro Dart.

Cal and BD-1 discover an Imperial Shuttle on their journey to the Mountain Observatory. The Electro Dart is inside the shuttle. The tool makes the area easier to get around, so you can now keep it with you for the whole duration of the game.

How To Unlock The Red Chests:

The Electro Dart skill can be used to open red boxes. Look for a blue electric spark near the Red Chest as well as shoot it with BD-1’s dart. The Red Chest will turn green to show that it is now open and can be opened.


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