How To Get Through Star Wars Jedi’s Green Door Shields

How To Get Through Star Wars Jedi’s Green Door Shields:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an action-adventure role-playing game which follows Cal Kestis as he tries to get away from the Galactic Empire’s order to kill all Jedis.

The game was heavily influenced by games like Souls, so it has a lot of surprises for players to find. Some of these mysteries can be found behind green doors you see early in the game.

You might come across these tunnels that are stopped by green projections. They are meant to stop you from moving forward and getting to other areas until you learn how to open them.

The Green Door Shields are one of the more noticeable hurdles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can’t go through these force fields, so you might not be able to get to some important places in the game. These won’t keep you out for good.

At some point, you’ll be able to go via these shield doors, but you have to wait a while to get to this point. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here’s what you have to know about going all the way around the Green Shields.

How To Get Through Green Door Shields:

To go via the Green Door Shield, you need a skill that you can earn in Jedi: Survivor. The skill is linked to Merrin’s Charm, an item you get as you move through the main storyline. You can use it for the rest of the game, especially when exploring Koboh.

Merrin, a character from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, gives you Merrin’s Charm. Merrin shows up again and again in the rest of the Jedi: Survivor story.

She won’t give you this thing when you first meet her. Instead, she provides it to you the following time you meet her on Jedha, when you’re fighting off an Imperial attack on the temples.

When You Received Charm Cal Will Unlocked A Ability Called Dash

When you’ve received the charm, Cal will have unlocked a dash ability that he may utilise during his double jump. Dash and Merrin’s charm work together, and once you have the item, you’re able to dash through the green door guards.

When you start Chapter 4, which is called “The Hidden Path,” you can use Merrin’s Charm. Near the end of this process, Merrin gives Cal her charm.

This lets you pass through the Green Door Shields. You have to work hard to get to this point in the Jedi: Survivor game, which is about halfway through.

How To Open The Green Door Barrier:

You never learn how to open these green doors. Instead, you learn how to use the skill that lets you go through them.

This happens during Jedha’s Pilgrim Sanctuary, the main task, where you learn two new moves. The first one is an air dash, which lets you move quickly while in the air, and the second is Merrin’s Charm.

What Is The Key To Go Through Green Doors:

The run or dodge button is used to do this move. It lets you go through those green doors, so you can get to what’s behind them. You may also dash through them while you’re in the air, which lets you do the same thing.

This is important to know because later platforming parts will require you to put together multiple athletic moves, including this particular one, to get through some tough spots.

Most Of The Time Behind These Green Door You Get Some Free But Valuable Items:

Most of the time, these green doors hide something valuable, like force tears, essence awards, passives, or even legendary enemies or beasts. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, doors are an important part of exploring the world and holding valuable loot.

Players will additionally be able to discover big, open worlds that are full of interesting places, enemies, and things to collect. Respawn Studios has tried to make a world that starts out a little small but grows and opens up over time, letting the player find many secrets as well as new places.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor was a game that was strongly influenced by games like Souls. This led to a single-player mode that is fair but very hard. It’s better in almost every way than its predecessor, and it has fresh improvements like the sword pose.

There Is Total 5 Stances In Game:

It has a total of 5 of these stances, as well as the player may switch between them at any meditation point. You can also use meditation points to rest your ability points and move quickly to another place.

There is a single blade stance, a double blade stance, a dual handle stance, and a Kylo Ren position. A new force sleep skill, like the one Kylo Ren used in The Force Awakens, has also been added to the game.

Release Date Of Star Wars Jedi Survivors:

On April 28, 2023, Star Wars Jedi Survivors will come out for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC. The game won’t be coming out on the last-generation platforms, which is a shame.


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