How To Locate All Chambers Of The High Republic In Star Wars Jedi

How To Locate All Chambers Of The High Republic In Star Wars Jedi:

There are a lot of surprises and new things to find in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. In the latest action-adventure branch of the famous sci-fi tale from Respawn Entertainment, players will discover different worlds and zones.

Many of these places have old caves that are full of tasks and prizes. These include the extra puzzle chambers called Jedi Chambers.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Koboh was once run by the High Republic. They left behind several secret Jedi rooms that you can find as you play. You can find a few collectibles and puzzles in these secret rooms if you’re ready to find out how to get them all.

It can be hard work to find these High Republic Chambers, and you don’t know where they are. We’ve got you covered, though, so that you can find them quickly and easily.

Here’s what you require to know about all the High Republic Chamber places inside Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Every High Republic Chamber’s Location:

In Jedi: Survivor, there are a total of  7 High Republic Chambers places on Koboh. The main story leads you to one of these rooms, which is where you’ll discover Zed at the beginning of the game. After you get out of this room, there’s six more things to find.

Toa, a researcher on Koboh, is studying these rooms. You can find her in the Basalt Rift, where she will instruct you how to find them during your Jedi: Survivor run.

Some Chamber Need Some Certain Skills To Access:

You need to find them all to finish the Alignment Control Centre game, but you might not be able to reach some of them until you gain certain skills. Each room has a name that is different from the others. The names of the High Republic Chamber are.

List Of Every Chamber You Can Access:

  1. Chamber of Ambidexterity
  2. Chamber of Clarity
  3. Chamber of Connection
  4. Chamber of Detachment
  5. Chamber of Duality
  6. Chamber of Fortitude
  7. Chamber of Reason

How To Locate The Chamber Of Ambidexterity:

This is in the region of the Stone Spires called Devastated Settlements. Go to the Grand Chamber meditation point and gaze to the left to see a golden cube on the edge of a cliff.

There is a small door under it. Use the Koboh Grinder on BD-1 to burn the plants blocking the entry. Point the purple laser at the opening. This is how you get to the last room within Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

How To Locate The Chamber Of Clarity:

In Rambler’s Reach, it was found in the Untamed Downs. It’s at the top of the hilly area in the far north of the map. To move towards the plants to get to this room, players have to use a mount.

How To Locate The Chamber Of Connection:

It is in the Viscid Bog swamps, past the Meditation Point and below the Gorge Crash Site.

To get into this room, players have to zip across a rope before they can halfway across another one. It can also be found by following the report “Explore the High Republic Chamber in the Swamp.”

How To Locate The Chamber Of Detachment:

found in Mountain’s Ascent in the place called Prospector’s Folly. It is above the place on a platform inside a waterfall. Here, the Mee fish and a non-player character named Skoova can be found.

If players haven’t found the strange fisherman yet, they can find him in Chapter 5 in the Prospector’s Folly area after being hired from Foothill’s Fall. Players can also mark the spot on the map if they hear the story “Explore the High Republic Chamber on the Mountain.”

How To Locate The Chamber Of Duality:

In Rambler’s Reach, at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. During Chapter 2’s main task, this is the first room players will see. Players are going to end up within the Smuggler’s Tunnel under a cantina on the planet Koboh. It is beyond the broken passageway.

How to Locate The Chamber Of Fortitude:

This room is in the Southern Ridge area of Rambler’s Reach. You are able to locate it on the map where it says “Water Treatment Works.” Using your new Lift Force skills, open the grate in the middle of Southern Reach to gain entry to the Corroded Silo as well as jump down to find the room.

How to Locate The Chamber Of Reason:

In the Basalt Rift area of the Forest Array, you can find this by going downhill past the Rift Passage meditation point and utilizing the rope to jump across to the top. You can also hear about it from an NPC Toa who says, “Explore the High Republic Chamber in the Forest.”


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