Sony’s love for stunning visuals is well known around the globe. Whether it’s about displays or camera sensors, the Japanese giant has done some of the most important innovations. However, an area where there was still some room for improvement is that of professional cinematography.

Because despite shelling out as much as 8 grands, cinematographers still end up with Super 35mm sensors, or sometimes with sensors even smaller than them. So much money, but still not complete satisfaction.

That, however, may change in future as now Sony has set its eyes on solving this problem. The company said that it’s is working on a full-frame “CineAlta” camera for pro cinematographers that’ll fix this issue once and for all. It’ll be the first high end movie camera with a full-frame sensor, and the size of sensor will be 36mm x 24mm. Now that sets some pretty high standards for videography.

Besides that, the camera is being told to be “aspect  ratio-agnostic”, which means it’ll be able to shoot 4K RAW in some very uncommon ratios (i.e. 17:9, 4:3). Plus, you won’t have to ditch your accessories and alter the workflow style to get started with it. It’ll support both upcoming as well as existing accessories. No need to change your recording style for it!

Excited? Me too. The camera will launch early next year, probably within first quarter. And expect it to be expensive – at least 60,000 dollars. After all, it’s meant for professionals and not for everyone. Its full frame sensor may turn out to be a blessing for all those low light shots and also for closer shots that need to be captured with soft backgrounds.

Therefore, many studios, online video services and other professionals will be willing to happily shell out the hefty amount without much consideration.



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