LG V30 may be distant from its launch, but leakers and concept makers are not shying away from making its renders and concepts to predict what it may look like. One such interesting render has been presented by notable leaker Evan Blass, which shows the smartphone with a slide-out secondary display. And the thing is, it looks pretty cool!

Blass tweeted the render images sometime ago, and while he warned that these’re “old-ish mockups of Project Joan a.k.a LG V30”, they look so cool that we wish they can be real.

As you can see, it looks like a larger version of Apple’s Touch Bar. The secondary display can be used for a wide range of scenarios. For example:

  • As a keyboard;
  • As an app dock;
  • For providing search result that can be opened in main screen while keeping the results page open in secondary screen;
  • Or for any other type of app-specific commands.

The possibilities for such a display are endless. However, what remains to be seen is how prepared Android is for such an additional piece of hardware. While LG can certainly tweak the software to support this thing, it can’t be done without Google’s consent.

Because Android may be open source, but its life resides in the suite of Gapps, which are proprietary to Google. Companies that don’t take consent of Google before doing major changes to Android may attract Big G’s ire and see their Gapps license being canceled.

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So it remains to be seen whether this will be real or not. The chances are still pretty thin, but it can’t be denied that when implemented properly a secondary display may not just bring the cool factor but also increase the utility of phone. We’ll come to know whether it’s gonna happen or not in a few months, as rumors suggest that V30 may be coming in September.



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