NASA has planned to paint the sky with blue and red colored clouds near the mid Atlantic coast and you could catch a NASA inspired cloud show.  This was to solely relief the chemtrail conspiracy theory, however to spread blue and red color artificial clouds on Sunday morning by NASA was postponed.

This is not the first time that this experiment of the colored clouds has been delayed; it marks down the end of the launch window which is running from the may 31st to 6th of June 2017. The weather forecast now predicts that the coming two days are not good for this project and the conditions now will be favorable only on 11th of June 2017.

As this experiment requires certain weather conditions launching it on any day is not really possible, the day it will get launched there will be a rocket that has a two stage terrier improved Malemut sounding rocket which will be carrying about ten canisters which will be deployed about five minutes after the liftoff.

These canisters will then be creating vapor tracers which are nothing but vividly colored artificial clouds, after this the scientists at the NASA will analyze and conduct a study on the subsequent particle motion, this will enable them to gain further understanding of the ionsphere.

The space agency of NASA has some ground cameras at the Wallops flight facility in Virginia and in Duck and even in North Carolina.

The sky at that time has to be completely clear for the scientists to collect the proper data and analyze the subsequent particle motion, however on this Sunday morning it was not the same situation and the clouds interfered the morning due to which the NASA had to postpone the launch.

The next question that arises to the people is that are these artificial clouds harmful for the people?

Well the NASA space agency is quite sure that this mission of blue and red artificial clouds is not at all harmful for the people and will poses no danger as well.  The canisters could be released and they will be about 100 miles above the ground and they will consist of nothing but barium and strontium and cupric acid. However the plummenting payload might be a danger to the people, for the people who weren’t aware of this experiment this delay is another good opportunity to know more about it.

People from the east coast from New York to North Carolina can watch the red and the blue colored clouds on this launch on 4am on 11th June 2017.


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