Shield Surfing How To Do It In Tears Of The Kingdom

Shield Surfing How To Do It In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Tears of the King Link’s Shield Surf isn’t something you’ll use constantly, but when you do, it’s a lot of fun. Shield surfing is a great way to move around in some situations, so it’s important to know how to do it in Tears Of The Kingdom.

Tony Hawk Link will be competing for your crown, so be careful. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, fans have found a way to make shield surfing more like skateboarding.

Even though the video game just came out on Friday, people are already burning within Hyrule by grinding rails while employing Link’s Fuse ability to make their own shields.

Ride Down From Hill With Style As Well As At High Speed While Performing Shield Surfing:

Shield surfing is a popular thing to do within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You can ride down a hill in style at high speeds while shield surfing. This was a common thing to do within Breath of the Wild, as well as Tears of the Kingdom brings it back.

Both Breath of the Wild as well as Tears of the Kingdom let Link shield surf. When he attempts to, he rides his shield like a skateboard and cruises down hills.

Make Some New Shields With The Help Of Link’s New Fuse Skill:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, users are now making new kinds of shields with Link’s new Fuse skill. Link can use the Fuse ability to join two items to make an entirely novel type of shield out of random things found in the world.

If you want to explore the Tears of the Kingdom map but don’t have time to make Tears of the Kingdom cars, you might want to use a Tears of the Kingdom shield surf.

It’s a lot like skateboarding discover a hill, jump on your shield, as well as slide down it. Shield surfing represents one of the most useful skills in the game, along with the paraglider.

Shield Surfing Works Like This:

How you use the keys to turn on Shield Surfing is the same in both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. You need to use the ZL button to put out your defense.

Click the X button to make Link jump into the air and then click the A button while he’s in the air. Usually, pressing A makes Link block, but this makes him put his shield down and start surfing.

You can do this at any time while enjoying Tears of the Kingdom, but you should do it before falling down big hills. This can help you get to the bottom very fast.

If you’re having trouble shield surfing, make sure Link is wearing a shield. If you do not have a shield armed this action is hard to do, and you are unable to utilize it while going down a mountain and any hill.

Also, make sure that your shield doesn’t have any batteries. There was certainly nothing that would stop Link from rolling lower a rock.

Here’s How To Understand:

For example, if you wear a shield and connect a Zonai Flame Dispenser to it, your shield will probably have a hard time going downhill, and you won’t be able to move.

Because you can join a lot of things to your shields to make these individuals better, it’s a good idea to have more than one shield in your collection. Some of these shields should be unfused, so you can use them whenever you want to roll down the hill in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Best Ways To Surf Shields:

Shield surfing in Tears of the Kingdom is different from Breath of the Wild because you can now join Zonai items to your shield. Even though every Zonai gadget can be joined to your shield, only some can be used to “surf” your shield.

For example, if you try to shield surf alongside a bubble on your shield, Link will just fall over before the surfing even starts.

There are, however, some Zonai gadgets that can make shield surfing not only more fun but also better. It’s important to know that you can split Zonai devices without breaking your shield if you wish to swap them.

Adding a sledge or cart to your shield could not only make it last longer, but it can also help you slide farther. The advantage of a cart over a sledge is that it has wheels, which means it needs less force to get going.

Location Where You Can Purchase Sleds As Well As Carts:

So, if you’re looking to get quickly down a steep hill, a sledge is the best way to go. close to the Taninoud Shrine within the Sky Islands, you can find a Zonai Device Dispenser at -1711, 3373, 0948. This is where you can buy sleds and carts.

Adding a rocket to your shield was another great, if temporary, way to improve your shield surfing. With a rocket connected to your shield, you’ll experience a strong beginning burst of speed that can move you uphill for only a few meters or launch you across tiny spaces.

Location Where You Can Purchase Rockets:

Even though it isn’t lasting long, this is a great way to change and improve shield surfing in TOTK. You can get rockets from the Zonai Weapon Dispenser in the Sky Islands at -3807, 2760, 0702. This is near the Ijo-o Shrine.

Lastly, you can use a time bomb fused to your shield to get to higher places, even though it’s not really used for shield surfing. Once you’ve joined a time bomb to you’re shield, you can use your shield surfing skill to make the bomb go off, which will send Link flying.

Purchase Some Time Bomb From Where You Bought The Rocket:

This fusion was great for getting to higher places without having to climb, which takes time and energy. Near the Ijo-o Shrine on the Sky Islands, you can buy time bombs from the same Zonai gadget vending machine that sells rockets.

Can Your Shield Be Broken By Riding On It?

You can, for sure. If you use shield surfing a lot, you’ll run out of shields very quickly. Even though it’s a fun way for getting around, we don’t suggest doing this all the time. Unless you possess a secret stash of shields that will never run out. If you do, you can have every adventure you want.

How To Put On A Shield:

Before we start talking about shield surfing, you need to know how to use the shield within Tears of the Kingdom.

This can be done in a few different ways. Holding the ZL button upon the Nintendo Switch controller or hitting the Left D-Pad button brings up the quick shield option. This is the fastest way to wear Link’s shield.

You can also press + to go to your collection, and then press A to choose the shield. The picture below demonstrates what Link will appear to be like when he has his shield up and is ready to fight.


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