How To Understand Bubbul Gems In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Understand Bubbul Gems In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of fun new things, and one of them is a pretty harmless new enemy that drops valuable Bubbul Frogs. These are the big blue toads that hop around cave walls all over Hyrule.

Even though these things are unique, you don’t have to worry regarding trading them if Koltin, a monster seller, and a hopeful Satori are willing to buy them.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can now gather Bubbul Gems. You might get one of these as early when you arrive at Great Sky Island, but the game fails to explain to you what to do with it. Instead, it gives you a hazy account of what it is and encourages you to get more.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is a new kind of treasure called Bubbul Gems. Players can use Bubbul Gems to buy new sets of protection and important materials. But without the right help, it’s not easy to figure out where to find and make use of these gems.

How Do Bubbul Gems Work?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Bubbul Gems are a new type of cash. Within the main series Zelda game, Link uses them to buy monster masks as well as parts from Koltin, a travelling salesman who sells monster parts.

You can only get Bubbul Gems by killing Bubbul Frogs, which are found in the holes that have started to pop up around Hyrule since the Upheaval.

You can find these Bubbul Frogs on cave walls all over Tears of the Kingdom. They usually need a few shots from a bow and arrow to kill them. But you’ll find out why these frogs are called “Bubble Frogs” they shoot bubbles at Link to make him miss his shot.

You can’t shoot through these bubbles, so move around until you can see the Bubbul Frog and fire when you’re ready.

After going up, the Bubbul Frog is going to drop both a Bubbul Gem and a Blupee that gives money. These will be gone in a short time, but a Bubbul Gem will stay there until you claim it.

Bubbulfrogs Can Be Found:

Bubbulfrogs are only found in caves within Tears of the Kingdom, so you’ll have to do a lot of spelunking to find them. When you come across a Blupee, the bright blue rabbit animal, around Hyrule, follow it until it runs away. It will lead you to the entrance of a cave.

Each time you shoot the Blupee, it will give you more rupees, but if you destroy it before it takes you to the cave, you’ll have to find it on your own.

Blupees, on the other hand, only live within or near caves, so at least you’ll know you’re within the right place. Once you find a cave, it is going to be marked on your map as a finding, and a small icon will show where the cave’s opening is. Go inside and start looking.

Once you’ve found the Bubbulfrog and taken it out, the cave will appear as a small tick upon your map of Hyrule to show that you’ve dealt with it.

Bubbul Gems How To Use Them:

To get prizes for trading Bubbul Gems, players must go on an extra mission named “The Hunt for Bubbul Gems.” Go to the Woodland Stable within Eldin Canyon to start. At the base of Death Mountain, across from this stable, you can see Kilton’s famous colorful balloon shop.

In this quest, players will have to get Koltin, Kilton’s brother, the gems that will turn him into Satori. After talking to Kilton to start the quest, players must give a Bubbul Gem to Koltin.

If they don’t have one yet, they may obtain one by beating a bubbulfrog inside the close to Pico Pond Cave. Or at least hitting it a few times. Once they have the gem, they may present it to Koltin to get a Bokoblin mask.

After that, Koltin is going to follow his dream to become a Satori, so gamers will have to find him again to exchange more Bubbul Gems for prizes.

Trading Rewards:

Gems Rewards
2 Bubbul Gems Moblin mask
3 Bubbul Gems Mystic Robe
3 Bubbul Gems Lizalfos Mask
3 Bubbul Gems Hinox Toenail x3
3 Bubbul Gems Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail x8
3 Bubbul Gems Fire Keese Eyeball x8
4 Bubbul Gems White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
4 Bubbul Gems Mystic Trousers

These aren’t the only prizes you can get. If you spend more gems, you can get even more awards. But keep in mind that this Mystic Robe Gear Set won’t help you protect yourself very much.

The point of this armor is to keep your strength from going down. If you lose health, you will forfeit rupees instead, so try to save as many as you can if you are wearing this armor.


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