How To Clean Up The Sludge In Zora’s Domain In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Clean Up The Sludge In Zora’s Domain In Tears Of The Kingdom:

During their time in Hyrule, Tears of the Kingdom players are sure to collect a lot of things. Most of these items are easy to figure out how to use, but sometimes you might get stuck and not know what to do with something.

The general rule is that any item you take up, whether it’s something to eat or an item that you can attach to a weapon, has a use nearby.

Players can go back to Zora’s kingdom and see the beautiful Sidon again in The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom. Link’s bad luck is that Zora’s Domain and the land around it are full of muck, and Link needs a special tool for getting rid of it.

You can go to Zora’s Domain as soon as they get back to Hyrule and move forward in the primary narrative till the “Regional Phenomena” mission becomes available.

To get to Zora’s Domain, go straight to the east. You’ll have to cross dangerous lands as well as climb many mountains along the way. Soon, it will be clear that dirt is falling from the sky causing Zora’s territory dirty.

Sludge How You Can Get Rid Of It:

The player will require something called a “splash fruit” to clean up the mess. You can find these in the wild near Zora’s Domain, and it shouldn’t take long to get a good number of them.

As you can see in the picture below, they look like greenish-blue gourds as well as are often found in groups of three. Once the player possesses it, there are two ways to get rid of the sludge.

Arrows are the best way to do it. Put on a bow, notch an arrow, hold up on the d-pad, as well as cycle through the levels until you reach the Splash Fruit. Once it is ready, point it at the mud. When it hits, it will burst and wash away a piece.

The second way is to use the fuse power of Tears of the Kingdom. You can join a Splash Fruit to a weapon as well as jump into the mud to wash it away.

Just drop a Splash Fruit and use the Fuse order while holding a fighting weapon. Soon, your blade will be able to remove even the most stubborn spots.

If you want to follow the main plot within Tears of the Kingdom, you are going to have to get Splash Fruit and learn how to clean it, because the first quest in Zora’s Domain is to clean sludge off a figure in the town square. With this information, you’ll soon be Hyrule’s best mopper.

How To Finish The Statue Covered In Sludge:

Talk to Chroma, Kira, as well as Yona, who are standing in the middle of Zora’s kingdom, to start the major quest for the Sludge-Covered Statue.

They will be in the middle, right next to the figure covered in muck, and surrounded by dirty water. If you talk to all three of them, the main quest will start, and it’s a very short one if you’ve got the right gear.

To help the people of Zora’s Domain, you’ll require a Splash Fruit, which they are currently out of. If you’ve been following our Regional Phenomena to Zora’s Domain guide, you’ve been to places where you can get Splash Fruit. If there aren’t any close, you can find some.

Get close to the figure and shoot it with the Splash Fruit. Then, to clean up, just throw it away. Once this is done, go back to the locals to talk to them and to show them that you got rid of all the sludge.

The three of them will start talking, and the third person will say her name is Yona. She will tell you to check out Zora’s Domain and go meet Sidon, who she states may be found at the Mipha Court close to the Ploymous Mountain.

When the women leave, Yona will direct you to meet her in the hospital, as well as your second major mission, Sidon of the Zora, is going to open.

But before you do this, you ought to head up the stairs behind the falls towards the pools. Talk to Yona again, and she’ll tell you regarding the Zora armor. This will start the major quest Restoring the Zora Armor.


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