Sea of Thieves Streamer Uses Crewmates’ Sounds To Lead Ship

It is surely a piece of cake or at least that is what it seems like Twitch SightlessKombat keeps on making it easy to play the Sea of Thieves games. Yes, the SightlessKombat is indeed making without sight look easy when playing the Sea of Thieves game.

It will be possible by using audio as well as the haptic cues from the crewmates and the game itself.

It seems like the Sea of Thieves streamer, SightlessKombat is using the sounds as well as audio of the crewmates in order to captain the galleon as capably as any other pirate who can see better.

As per the reports by Rock Paper Shotgun, the SightlessKombat did join a play session recently with the executive producer of the Sea of Thieves game, Joe Neate along with the community manager Jon McFarlane.

The streamer did manage to join the team in order to talk about how he can be able to navigate or captain the ship as a person without sight.

It is sure that most of the fans and players will be more than excited to know that the streamer can be able to lead the ship perfectly by online listening to the sounds of the crewmates.

That is why there are so many players who are currently trying their best to captain the ship just the same as the SightlessKombat streamer.

You must know that the adventure of the crew will begin with the streamer who is moving forward while making his way from the tavern to the steering wheel of the ship. It will be possible for the streamer to do it by following the sounds of the crewmates’ hurdy-gurdies.

Then after he keeps on following the voice of the crew members in order to steer the ship to its destination. It is indeed remarkable to know that the streamer can lead the ship without sight and that too perfectly well. 


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