Impact’s Sami Callihan Talks About Eddie Edwards Rivalry, Impact’s Edge, and Resident Evil

Last night, it is sure that the match between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan on Impact did set the tone for one of the biggest matches of the event, and that mostly hints that the Bound for Glory is almost here.

You must surely know that both of them have such a strong link for quite some time now. But it was surely another compelling chapter last night for their rivalry. Yet, for Edwards, this all did end up with a beating from Callihan and Ken Shamrock.

So we are going to see latter what they are going to do the next week for the Bound For Glory. You need to understand how the impact will be changing the game in wrestling along with Callihan’s characters and even some of the Resident Evil characters.

First of all, you must surely need to hear about the brutal fight or saga between Callihan and Edwards. But as you all know, it is all a feud for Callihan that can never end. Over time it is indeed going to become a modern classic rivalry. 

Callihan talks about it, saying, “I think me and Eddie Edwards are destined to fight forever,” He continues, “When you really look at the grand scheme of things, we’ve kind of become the modern-day Raven versus Tommy Dreamer feud.

I think that’s something really cool in professional wrestling right now: a feud that doesn’t just end in six months and something that goes on forever.

I think when you really look at it, Eddie Edwards should be thanking me for hitting him in the face with a baseball bat cause that’s the best thing that ever happened to his career.”

Callihan did talk about a lot of things about the characters of the different games that are definitely important from his point of view and perspective. 


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