Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Appears on Geekbench, Reveals SoC and RAM

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is one popular phone in demand even before its launch. After Galaxy Note 8 if there’s another device that Samsung fans are awaiting eagerly, it’s Galaxy S8 Active.

In last few years Galaxy S Active product line of company has made a solid rugged image that attracts a special set of smartphone users. Adventurers who want a solid phone with all latest features of Samsung love these smartphones and eagerly wait for them after release of every new Galaxy S device. This year’s release, Galaxy S8 Active, is no different. And now it seems that the wait of its potential buyers is soon going to be over.

That’s right – Galaxy S8 Active has just been spotted on Geekbench, which didn’t just confirm the specs of this device but also gave us a hint that its launch may be just around the corner. After looking on benchmark results it’s clear that it’s coming with a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat OS. You can check out the benchmark results yourself, which are given below:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Appears on Geekbench, Reveals SoC and RAM
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Appears on Geekbench, Reveals SoC and RAM

Looking on these scores it turns out that in terms of performance this device will be slightly behind Xiaomi Mi6 and company’s own Galaxy S8 flagship but will be on par with Galaxy S8+ and HTC U11. And it’ll be ahead of Sony Xperia XZ Premium. All these devices are based on same Qualcomm SoC – Snapdragon 835.

Galaxy S8 Active is likely to come with a very durable and sturdy build quality that will make it the ideal smartphone for military personnel, mountaineers, hikers, climbers and other adventurers. While Samsung has been manufacturing waterproof handsets from quite some time, it’ll be this particular handset that’ll take the durability game to next level. Currently not a lot of smartphone makers produce such sturdy devices. If Samsung succeeds in carving out a profitable niche here, it can also serve as a signal to other smartphone manufacturers and we may see more such solid smartphones coming to the market in future.

No word is there on its release date as of now. But now when testing has begun, we may soon hear about that thing too. And when it happens we’ll certainly let you know, so keep visiting HiTechWiki.


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