50 Days of Galaxy S8: Well Done Samsung! No Battery Explosions So Far 

50 Days of Galaxy S8: Well Done Samsung! No Battery Explosions So Far 
50 Days of Galaxy S8: Well Done Samsung! No Battery Explosions So Far

When Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phablets exploded last year, it turned out to be a pretty nasty experience for the Korean giant. Its share price crashed, it was slapped with some of the biggest class-action lawsuits, it had to order two separate recalls and in the end the production of device had to be halted altogether. As you may expect, the brand image of company also suffered as a result of these developments.

A lot has changed since then. The company has put new quality control procedures in place, and it has also launched a flagship product called Galaxy S8. And the good news for Samsung, as well as for all those people who still trust its brand, is that NO Galaxy S8 has exploded till date.

That’s right – a report from The Korea Herald says that since 50 days of Galaxy S8’s launch no case of battery explosion has emerged. And though that report is based on the information of some unknown industry sources, it doesn’t matter much here because if even a single S8 would’ve blown up then news would once again have broken the internet. So it seems that Samsung learnt its lesson quickly and correctly.

And while this seems like a big deal, we should not make it too big of a deal as well. It’s the duty of companies to sell devices that’re safe and reliable. It’s not a feature – it’s an essential requirement that all companies should follow. However, the steps taken by company to prevent such a thing from happening again and their perfect implementation is certainly praiseworthy.

But it doesn’t mean that company’s testimony is over – not yet. The things will come to normal only after launch of Galaxy Note 8, which is expected to take place in late August. Only after that we’ll come to know whether Samsung’s new quality control measures are good enough or not. But yes, now after success of Galaxy S8 we can certainly take a chance on Note 8 more comfortably than before.

In the meantime company is also going to launch a refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7, which will come with a smaller (and of course safer) battery pack now. But there’s no word yet on how many countries will see its launch and when. We’ll let you know if it comes to India.


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