Resident Evil 8: This is how Capcom designed Lady Dimitrescu

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The history of Village will drag us to a village in Eastern Europe, where we will have to face this luck of witch and vampire.

The game will debut on May 7 on PC and consoles.
Resident Evil 8: Village is preparing to make us tremble with fear on May 7, 2021, at which time the game will be available in Spain and around the world both on PC and on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S.

While we await this long-awaited release, Capcom shared a third trailer last January that allowed us to take an in-depth look at the context that awaits us in Village: this is how we met the enigmatic Lady Dumitrescu, a kind of witch and vampire who aims to be the villain of the game.

The character was not long in conquering social networks, and Capcom wanted to share how was the creative process to give life to this character, which measures almost three meters.

Lady Dumitrescu, the evil witch from Resident Evil 8: Village
“In the early planning stages, we decided to go for a vampire and castle theme, ” says Tomonori Takano, Village’s art director, in a recent interview with IGN.

“However, we did not want to be limited by how vampires have been depicted in various forms of popular entertainment.” To distance itself from the usual imagery of these creatures, the development team began to shape the concept: “sorcerer vampire. ”

In this sense, Takano maintains that they were inspired by figures such as the famous 16th-century Hungarian noblewoman and serial killer Elizabeth Báthory, which they combined with the Japanese urban legend of the Hashaku-sama.

All this was spiced up with Anjelica Huston’s Morticia Adams, and the result was the current look and concept of Lady Dumitrescu, who is already starring in the occasional cosplay, although the game has not even debuted.

Elizabeth Báthory, Hashaku-sama, and Morticia Adams, Lady Dimitrescu’s ingredients
Another feature to note about Lady Dimitrescu is that, unlike other powerful bosses or villains in Resident Evil, her gestures and behavior are meticulous and elegant.

In fact, in the game trailers, we could even see her putting on makeup in front of a mirror. Takano maintains that they did not want to “lean too heavily on village-wide gothic horror designs.” Hence, they also introduced “elements of the Great Depression-era into the overall design. ”

Because the objective of the saga is to scare the players since they are video games belonging to the horror genre, the development team also stopped to look closely at the approach they wanted to give to the characters of this new installment:

” We wanted to analyze the characters and elements of the Resident Evil series thus far, to see if they are really still scary, “explains Takano,” or if they had become so mainstream that they had lost their effectiveness in scaring players. Producer Jun Takeuchi felt that if they wanted users to freak out, they had to develop a concept that went “beyond stereotypical zombies. ”

Resident Evil 8: Village, a chilling new installment
In this episode, players will step into Ethan Winters’ role, the protagonist we met in Resident Evil 7.

The story will take place in a village located in Eastern Europe, where elements of the region’s folklore will be combined with the characteristics of the saga. You can know all the details that we already know about the game in our impressions.

We remind you that in addition to the exclusive PS5 demo Maiden, now available, this spring, we will be able to enjoy another different demo.


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