The King of Fighters 15 shows Joe Higashi in action

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The King of Fighters 15 shows Joe Higashi in action with video and images. 

The new KOF launches this year, still on unannounced platforms, and SNK shows Higashi, a regular fighter from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters.

SNK continues to introduce more characters from The King of Fighters XV squad, and the latest is Joe Higashi – Kozo Mito’s voice – from whom we can see new video and images.

In recent weeks the company has shown us Team Hero with Benimaru Nikaido, Meitenkun, and Shun’ei, in addition to the most current, Iori Yagami.

What SNK has not revealed are the game’s platforms, although it is assumed that it will be for sale in the same as King of Fighters XIV -PS4 and PC-. Its launch is scheduled in Spain and the rest of the world for 2021.

The game will bring some changes, starting with the renewal of its graphics engine. The team admitted that the look of KOF XIV was dated for a 2016 title. With The King of Fighters XV, they have gone for Unreal Engine 4, the most common technology in the industry and the favorite pick in fighting games – Tekken 7, SoulCalibur VI, Street Fighter V, Dragon ball.
The latest Guilty Gear, Samurai Shodown, or Mortal Kombat 11 in its UE3- version.

At Evo 2019, it was announced that the creative director is Eisuke Ogura, who has worked as an artist on the series since The King of Fighters 2001 and was the lead illustrator for The King of Fighters XIII and XIV.

The most ambitious KOF in the history of the saga
Producer Yasuyuki Oda said it would be the most ambitious KOF to date, with improved graphics, a faster pace, and new elements that have yet to be explained .

For its promotion, anime director Masami Obari – who worked on Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, works on a short film based on the saga.

” The King of Fighters XIV is the return through the front door of one of the most important and representative sagas of the genre.

A good squad of charismatic characters and a combat system as deep as it is dizzying are its main letters of introduction, giving us fun and variety in each battle we fight and encouraging us to want to improve to reach the top.

It may not be the most cutting-edge game of the generation or the most extensive or attractive in terms of modes. Still, it does know how to offer a good fight, reason more than enough for you to give a little opportunity to enjoy this exciting genre “, we tell you about KOF XIV.


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