Hackers auction off the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 source code-stolen

hackers auction

The ‘ransomware’ attack on the developer and the refusal to negotiate means that information about Gwent, Cyberpunk 2077, and possibly The Witcher 3 next generation will be leaked.

CD Projekt RED confirmed these days that it had suffered a cyberattack “ransomware” -data hijacking- by which a hacker group had stolen and encrypted data from the developer.

Although the Polish study has minimized the impact because it has backup copies and there is no player information, they rule out making the payment requested for not disseminating the information.

The 48-hour deadline given by the attackers has passed, and according to several media reports, samples of the source code of Gwent, the free card game, have already been leaked; The full code, along with that of Cyberpunk 2077 and an unreleased version of The Witcher 3 – possibly the next-gen one – will go up for auction today., all three with a price starting at $ 1,000.

“We are taking the necessary steps to reduce the consequences of this launch, in particular for companies that could be affected by the security breach,” CD Projekt RED said in the statement of the hack.

“We are still investigating the incident, but at this time, we can confirm – to the best of our knowledge – that the compromised data did not include personal data of the players or users of our services.”

They work on next-gen The Witcher 3 and polish Cyberpunk 2077
A few months ago, the studio announced that The Witcher 3 would be updated on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC to take advantage of the latest technology, with numerous visual and technical improvements, including ray-tracing lighting and faster load times both in the base game as in its expansions and all the extra content.

The patch will be free for all owners of The Witcher 3 on any of the previous consoles -or PC-. They are also working on fixing Cyberpunk 2077 bugs and, in the medium term, releasing a specific version of the game on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 that is more faithful to the PC version.


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