A New Phone Gateway System Has Been Introduced By VTech and Yeaster

It has been good news to see companies such as Yeastar and VTech Communications has now teamed up to provide the most proven and reliable form communication system. This has been possible due to the expertise of Yeastar, who has been reputable provider VoIP gateways and private internet protocols, both over hosted as well as premises-based systems. With the help of the analog hotel phones from VTech and the TA FXS gateways from Yeastar will help in providing the best possible experience not only for a hotel guest but also for the staff who will all be available to contact in between them easily, with a voice system that is high quality.

Yeaster S20

With the help of the series of analog gateways from Yeastar TA, it will help the hotel staff to upgrade their phone systems from PBX to SIP systems. This can either be done with VTech hospitality phone models, or normal cordless phones as well. The sales director of VTech, Charles Williams said that both VTech and Yeaster have worked very closely together, so that compatibility won’t be a problem and therefore will work seamlessly.

It should be kept in mind that VTech phones can be found in both modern as well as in contemporary designs, and can either be corded ones or cordless ones as well. They will also be able to transmit audio and video as well. The phones also come with an anti-bacterial coating as well, which will keep the diseases at bay for the hotel guests. Apart from that, the designs of the phones will also get in line with the indoor designs as well and therefore can blend in with any environment easily. With the following things in mind, the Yeastar TA FXS VoIP gateway systems will support analog phones, fax machines, IP telephony systems, PBX systems as well as IP-PBX systems as well. With the help of easy configuration and functionality which is rich, it will be a boon for both small and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, a normal telephone system can be integrated into the IP telephony system, including the Yeastar S- series.

IP PBX System

One among the Yeastar S series, is the Yeastar S20. The Yeastar S20 is a very cost-effective IP PBX system. Due to its number of features and range, the system will be perfect for businesses which has less 20 users. The system will support up to ten concurrent calls, as well as numerous connectivity options, like – PSTN, FXS, GSM, 3G and ISDN BRI too. The IP box is also very user-intuitive as well, which makes it easy to operate for a normal user.

With the help of Yeastar S20, and IP PBX telephony system, it will help the user to get the most out of the business and also provide quality communication systems to both its internal staff and customers as well. The IP PBX systems is available with most namely telephony companies like Cisco, Panasonic, NEC, Avaya, Yeaster, DLink, etcetera.


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